jaden is shooting ye on twitter, oh shit kanye will attack jaden on instagram for days

  1. Kid who has never worked a singular day in his life and is the beneficiary of nepotism at the highest level tries to be profound part 5 million

  2. Yeah because you can’t criticize the system you were born into or criticize the classe your in or sont have political views.

  3. Ye is 45. He’s been talking reckless for the past month. Jaden posts in those few words are by far more mature than anything Kanye has said in the last year.

  4. Man the Ye dick riding here is crazy - sure this is a young rich kid but hes hardly out of line, his point being real leader doesnt spread negativity. Ye is hypocrite with his god/love bs then spouting shit, mentally ill and hope he is okay

  5. kanyes mother was a professor, and he grew up in the suburbs, lets not act like kanye didnt grow up with privilege as well

  6. jaden's corny but he's right; imagine dick riding someone who wears a shirt with a white supremacist dog whistle this hard

  7. Ricky Gervais: “youre in no position to lecture the public on anything real. Shut your mouth, take your award, and fuck off.”

  8. People just need to accept all lives matter and everything will be equal and people who be mad for these type of stuff

  9. negative, lives only matter if you earn at least 5 bands a week or have blue check on social media, it's all about money and clout my guy

  10. my guy the question is why jaden is stressed with ye if he has never been in a situation of feeling threatened by the police? he was raised a white guy, he's privileged and he'll never get through this

  11. Imagine if you're oppressed by a white klan hat and robe. These 21st century white supremacists wear maga hats and white lives matter Tshirts while carrying tiki torches.

  12. This is a good contrast. Jaden being a child with big ideas but no grounding reality. Ye being the adult telling the painful truth about the best of intentions

  13. As dumb as that shirt was… Jaden smith is annoying as fuck and isn’t that talented. Anything is easy when mommy and daddy hand it to you.

  14. jaden is very talented, he's a better rapper than his father. but as a person... this guy is boring as fuck.

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