1. It was radio silence from Kanye since Thursday, then today DigitalNas posted on their Insta story saying “It’s time”, and now suddenly Kanye is posting. I doubt this is coincidence, I think the drop is coming.

  2. I don’t think it will be watered down with more christian stuff. If anything, I feel like Kanye-post divorce is starting to engage in more secular behaviors. i.e. he produced Lil Nas X track which was making fun of the nike satan shoes trials, i heard swearing in the listening party from both him and his guests, i know that 2 Chainz was in the studio just before the listening party, etc. and there’s more guest verses being finished and more ye verses being finished. I could be wrong, but it sort of seems like he’s starting to move closer to where he was before JIK

  3. Sounds like a massive dickrider (kanye rapping like he hungry and broke again!) but seems to have a close ear to Ye’s camp.

  4. Bro Justin need to stfu. He be tweeting like Kanye asking him to tweet on his behalf. Like shut yo corny ass up. Respectfully.

  5. You know who’s fuming right now more than us?? Def jam they spent money promoting and setting a date and paying for promo and stuff just for this dude to say nahh

  6. One time for tlop is cool, for ye he was going through a phase, kids I think dropped a day later, jik same … but this time smh

  7. Justin LaFraud is a lying ass bitch this album is not gonna drop August 6th this pussy is just milking his five minutes of fame bruh what credibility does he even have

  8. unless you've been a Kanye fan for 2 days, no one should've expected a drop today. If it's far from completion, why beg for release? lmfao, give it time. I'd expect a late August drop. Maybe he makes an announcement Sunday at Rolling Loud

  9. Such a long delay only means that what was played at the listening party is all he has so far...then it needs the work

  10. Almost 5 more minutes until Ye, Defjam, Apple Music, Justin LaFraud, and the other guy officially all lied to us.

  11. yeah i just saw the def jam tweet. ima just act like the listening party was it’s own shit and fuck Kanye for putting out some bullshit ass date. Listening party was cool and shit. Waiting cause Beats, Kanye, and his camp all said the 23rd. RIP bozo.

  12. He’s supposed to have that set at Rolling Loud on Sunday, no? So how about this. He drops the album mere minutes before his scheduled start time. Scheduled is emphasized, why? Because he’s Kanye. He’s gonna be fucking 2 hours late, at least, thereby giving everyone in the pit time to listen to the entire record once they realize it’s dropped, before he’s even hitting the stage.

  13. 20 minutes till I tweet at that clown Justin for hyping people up acting like it was gonna come out today

  14. BREAKING - Kanye West has made Donda a collaborative album between himself and Bladee. The album will be finished within the next couple weeks.

  15. My entire night relies on a blue check bro named Malik who Ive never heard of before with 34k followers and a guy who ends every tweet with #respectfully

  16. I can't stop listening to shoulder to lean on but Kanye ain't even on it. I can see a Ye verse sounding really impactful though.

  17. I was forced to listen to garbage ass laroi’s album cause of you Mr.West.Donda can’t even help me recover from what I just heard.

  18. Jay Z recorded the blueprint in 2 days but yet people are throwing shade that he wrote one verse same day as the show… that verse slaps

  19. Been listening to the livestream on repeat since he hasn’t dropped, and on the first listen I wasn’t sold, but now I am honestly very excited to see this album completely finished.

  20. Every Kanye album since 808s has been this way for me. You’re like “wtf?!” On first listen and then a week later you’re like “ohhhh okay this is incredible.” I have had this for a decade now with him lol

  21. same boat, was basically in shock at how bad it was the first time around and now im coming around to a few tracks after more listens, especially shoulder to lean on - which better have kanye on the album version!!!

  22. Dude agreed can’t believe people were saying the hov verse was wack just because it was done same day

  23. Personally since I know the album is somber in tone I’m literally getting prepared thru “Voice of the Heroes” and Money Man like I’m omw to the club lol

  24. All this reminds me of the subreddit when TLOP was about to drop. The delay, the subreddit turning into a cesspit, the fucking endless pizza and meme posting. It’s an honor that over 5 years later, I can be apart of and witness the subreddit lose its collective shit over another delayed album release.

  25. Mike Dean about to take off his mask and it’s gonna be Jay Z. Then Jay Z gonna take off his mask and it’s gonna be Kim. And Kim will take off the mask and BAM ITS DON CHEADLE. Kanye sheds tears. Album drops. Nature heals and all is well

  26. From my own sources: Kanye is indeed done, and not just on Twitch. I know why and cannot say. But this is serious.

  27. is it dropping in 4 hours or not? I'm betting on the outcome so need to know any insider knowledge lol

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