Post Game Thread: Kansas City Chiefs at Cincinnati Bengals

  1. Obviously we’re all bummed with the outcome, but keep it in the sub. Don’t go trolling the Bengals sub - you will get permanently banned without warning. Additionally, report all trolls you see in our subreddit.

  2. We abandoned our run game which was working. Pacheco and McKinnon put in a great game and then we gave it up. The awful calls (RTP and DPI) didn't help either and essentially gave the Bengals 7 points.

  3. I’d like if I had to stop hearing “Burrow beats Mahomes” where Burrow is constantly benefitting from a far superior defense and blatant favoritism from the officials

  4. No way they beat Mahomes 4 times. We'll get them in the playoffs if we see them. If we don't, we clearly don't deserve it. Keep the faith, great time to be a KC fan even coming off this loss

  5. Yeah the only sack was when he literally sat down behind the line of scrimmage and gave them one for free. They also couldn’t sack him in the afc championship despite their o line being ass

  6. The o-line isn't anywhere near as bad as earlier in the season. The problem is the Chiefs didn't have an athletic freak at edge to take advantage of the tackles.

  7. Yeah.. it’s baffling. If their O line is so bad… why can’t Jones get in there and do something? Burrow must be just way faster than our guys cause they couldn’t catch him at all.

  8. Thornhill diving at air at least 3 times in a row, I don’t watch him closely to know if this is a regular thing but damn

  9. Was it just me or did no one else see whoever that chiefs player was that could’ve had the sack way before he threw and just stopped right on top of him and let him throw?

  10. It was Dana - it looked like he was buffering to calculate whether he was allowed to touch Burrows or if he’d be flagged. I feel for the DL - it’s a lose-lose situation.

  11. The worst part is that with Buffalo, there's a mutual respect. Not with Cincy tho. They don't respect us. And honestly, they have no reason to. God I want to be this team so fucking badly. Veach NEEDS to pay a pass rusher and draft one early next off season

  12. Cause of Reed and all the trash talk about the refs rigging the game. Look at half the comments in here blaming the refs. It was the Kelce fumble, no pass rush, weak secondary that made the chiefs lose not the refs. Makes chiefs fans sound pathetic

  13. The D and O lines can't both be absentee in competitions where the other team is gifted 7 right off the bat. Turnover was the ultimate nail

  14. In Brown's defense he isn't a gate. A gate moves. He's a pile of dog crap. Smart players just walk around him.

  15. Yeah, no sacks until the last minute and constant pressure allowed isn't going to do it in a battle of QB's like this.

  16. We get man handled at times. Frank Clark is a non factor. Out OTs are average T best. Hard to watch at times.

  17. Launch Orlando Brown into the sun. A LT worth a damn doesn't get his drum beat by a backup Edge on 3rd down late in the game.

  18. Man we dodged a major fucking bullet when he turned down that contract. As bad as the problems are right now at least we aren’t crippled going forward.

  19. I can't wait to get rid of this fucking bum. The best thing Veach ever did was not pay this dipshit big money in the off-season. At least we got Nick Bolton or Creed Humphrey out of the trade to get OBJ so it's not a totally shit trade, but sheesh. I'm starting to think fucking anyone else on our roster could hold up at LT better than him.

  20. An LT worth anything at all wouldn’t try to holdout in the off-season for millions of dollars because the team won’t pay him either. This guy sucks

  21. The crazy part is the bengals got pressure with 3 and dropping 8 guys into coverage….. we pretty much always rushed 5… so burrow had more time throwing into a coverage with less guys, that won’t cut it.

  22. Mahomes constantly looking big plays is a problem. On the play he got hurt on, he could’ve dumped it off to McKinnon who probably converts on 3rd down.

  23. I only hate them cause their players and fanbase like to act like arrogant pricks. At least win a SB before you act like you're hot shit.

  24. Those two back to back flags were weak and handed them a TD. That’s the shit that gets overlooked in a game like this.

  25. Pretty sure the flag was thrown after the ball was intercepted and Thornhill was running the other way. I hate the NFL refs

  26. Looked like another Chase push off special. That’s why Andy was all over the ref after and Chase got called for it later.

  27. Over Thornhill. Let him walk after this year. Clark, danna, Jones were all completely absent this game. Fucking hand the ball to Pacheco during a 4 minute drill and he’s averaging over 4 yards per carry and the bengals are only rushing 3. Special teams coming up short yet again this game. That unit doesn’t have very many clean games this year.

  28. Yea. Been waiting for Juan to replicate his rookie season since he tore the ACL and he hasn't looked like that since. This year and even last year, the missed tackles have been a killer. And I've also noticed more often than not this year, he's late rotating over as the safety when he's the deep safety.

  29. That weak ass rtp call and them not calling mahomes getting thrown down all game could have swung the game.

  30. Good news is we have the easiest remaining schedule in the league based on W/L %. Bills have a tough road ahead to try and win out. As long as they drop one and we run the table we get first seed

  31. Ggs Bengals. Trolls out in force, as the usual for any Chiefs loss. Please hit report and they'll be gone. 👍

  32. Hopefully they beat the bills so we can get back home field. Sucks to lose but maybe they will take this to heart and just go kill mode the rest of the year.

  33. Orlando Brown cost himself a lot of money today (and this year). I also want to know what the fuck that Frank Clark play was on the 3rd down. Gonna need an explanation why he stopped.

  34. That was Dana and he was regaining his balance, he didn’t hold up. (Thought the same, and went back to watch it it again to verify)

  35. I don't think we should be flagging RTP like they do. But if burrows gonna get one, I wish we would have gotten one on the kelce fumble. Mahomes was landed on pretty hard there

  36. I could roll a micro machine at this defense and they'd blitz it, miss it, and allow it to score a touchdown. If I asked Orlando to block the micro machine, he'd whiff and stand around while it chased down and injured Patrick.

  37. The best QB in the NFL is Patrick Mahomes. The second best QB in the league is Chiefs Opponent. 2900 yards, 25 TDS/6 INTS, almost 70% completion percentage, almost 8 yards/attempt. Oh and btw we’re also giving up over 100 ypg rushing. And we have like 12 total takeaways.

  38. Mahomes deserves a top 10 defense once in his fucking career. Just once. He’s not getting any younger while our defense remains bottom 16 disappointments year after year.

  39. I think he'd settle for a decent offensive line so he doesn't keep getting pummeled at this point. Both tackles have been awful all year.

  40. I’m most upset about the fact that Cincinnati was more pumped up for our revenge game than we were. Where’s the fucking pride for our defense?

  41. That game was on OBJ man. Yeah you want them to step up but we needed our offense to give pat a chance and he had one until obj turned into a revolving door

  42. You can't give Burrow that much time if you want to win these games. Pass rush was abysmal. The Kelce fumble didn't help. We could have been up multiple scores. Oh well. You can't dwell on these things. Best to prep for the next game and hope we get another crack at them.

  43. That's what has me awestruck. Three straight games and basically zero sacks and the only QB hits are his stupid runs. How is that possible with last year's line and this line.

  44. I really wish we'd keep running the football when McKinnon is averaging 6 yards per run and Pacheco is averaging almost 5...

  45. Damn man tough L, we gotta learn from it. Can’t wait for Hardman and Toney to come back, that will help our O, and we need to bring up Shelton or Brandon Williams soon cuz our run defense too weak. Wouldn’t mind seeing more Cook at safety can’t be much worse than what Reid and Thornhill are bringing

  46. Anyone else feel like this? You watch other teams play Burrow, Allen etc and say out loud “Why can’t our defense make stops like this?” It’s maddening. Its been like this for years. Spags seems to be the common denominator. And before that it was Sutton.

  47. Butker is not reliable enough anymore to put it in his hands from 55. For the last fucking time, keep the ball in Mahomes hands in these situations. Period.

  48. Still love this team, we'll get them next time(I hope). Also, would rather lose as a Chiefs fan than win cheering fro some of the other trash in the AFC west.

  49. This game showed why I don’t think we can win a Super Bowl this year. The defense is just not good enough, pass rush against good teams has been atrocious for several seasons, and just a lot of young guys still learning. Also does not help that Orlando Brown Jr is really bad. I don’t know what the solution is but it is not him

  50. I disagree. We had Hardman, Thuney, and Juju out for 90% of the game and they barely won. OBJ had a bad day but I think he plays better with Thuney next to him. He definitely needs to be gone next season though. His play isn't worth the value of investment over a replacement.

  51. I wish it was literally anybody else. At least when it's the bills the cringe fans don't start calling him Joshy Cool. I hate the fucking bengals

  52. I don’t understand how we keep losing to them. It has to be a mental block right? We never look so out of control of a game till we play the Bengals every year. Even the Bills game that we lost this year felt like there we win that game 7/10 times. We are never the same football team when we play the bengals. What the fuck is it man

  53. The defense played bad but we were driving with a chance to go up by 11 with a TD when Kelce fumbled. Everyone can hate on Spags but our offense didn't play great either and had a couple of huge mistakes.

  54. Look, Mahomes was bound to lose his first game in November December, but the fact that they kept talking about it was annoying the shit out of me

  55. I think the bengals are the perfect combo of team that matches us in such a way that Andy doesn’t know what to do. I mean it’s almost like they know before the play is called what we’re going to do. When they rush 3 it’s such a ballzy decision but it always works for them.

  56. Am I wrong or does anyone else see 3 major problems with the defense that just don't ever seem to get better:

  57. I had very low expectations for this game and I'm still disappointed. But whatever, it is what it is. All we can do now is look on the bright side, and for me it's that we still definitely have a chance at the 1st Seed regardless of how this game turned out. If we win out for the rest of the season, I'm confident we secure it. The Bills still have to go through the Jets again, Dolphins again, and Cincy, and they're the only ones truly threatening us right now. We win out and go 14-3 and we'll get the 1st Seed.

  58. I truly think we we needed this kick in the butts we were playing with our food way too much and we’re getting way to complacent lately. I am ok with the loss if it means that it lights a fire under our buts so that we take advantage of the easy schedule we have coming up and take all 6 games

  59. A shame that he got injured his rookie year. He was really something but he hasn't been anything close to that since the injury. We all talked about how he got benched in favor of Sorenson last year, that was its own thing.

  60. Mike Danna gets a sack at the end if that RTP wasn't called earlier in the game. An RTP there would definitely end the game. Hitting the QB and wrapping him up while going down was already deemed RTP. Disgrace.

  61. Nah, I'm not gonna accept that. If you have a shot at the QB, you fucking go for it, not stand there frozen like a deer in the headlights while Burrow throws a completion to ice the game. Danna blew that final important snap for us. I would have respected it and understood if he went for it and got a RTP, but this? He just looks like a fucking moron.

  62. Tonight I'm going to go to bed in a house with my family that still loves me (or at least loves me as much as they did to start the day.)

  63. That’s a good way to look at it. We still got the playoffs ahead of us , enjoy what really matters !

  64. Had a chance to seal it and the BEST TIGHT END IN THE FUCKING LEAGE of all people lets them back in. That wasn't Kelce, Satan him fucking self set that into motion

  65. This sub needs to get some perspective. We lost by 3, on the road, to the team that just represented the AFC in the Super Bowl. We have the best QB in football, a hall of fame coach and tight end, and are in first place in the division.

  66. The outrage isn't directed anywhere near the QB, it's our dogshit defense that can't sack the most sacked QB in the league. Their line looks all pro vs our D.

  67. A lot of Chiefs losses are like that because that is what is required to beat them. A lot of stochastic events have to go your way.

  68. Bengals unfortunately have our number and it’s incredibly frustrating. D-line was abysmal, play-calling very questionable at times, and a costly fumble cost us the game.

  69. OBJ JR has been extremely average and not worth the money. Mahomes was really indecisive on when to run tonight for some reason, he had multiple opportunities.

  70. He had a huge 4th and inches stop early on…I’ll give him that. But the terrible tackling throughout the game is just unacceptable. And failing to cover Chase on any big plays. Who does he think the ball is going to?

  71. Im laughing right now because I’m so fucking sick of having a defense that makes you feel like they are good, but actually aren’t.

  72. Lost this game in the trenches. Burrow had time to make a sandwich on most of his dropbacks. Mahomes was taking hits way too often and having to bail and scramble even more. Dunlop made a play or two and was almost the difference in the game. The rest of the front 7 didn't do a hell of a lot forcing the safeties to have to come in and make a tackle on a RB 7-8 yards down field every damn time.

  73. I'm most definitely bummed,I just can't keep from thinking we would be better off with a better defensive coordinator if we stop them even once we had that game.Iknow the calls were off sides but we have more talent to be able to overcome that.

  74. The poor performance on defense wasn't due to any one person in particular but man. I can't get over how Juan Thornhill said he was going to have an All-Pro season this year. And yet, how he has underperformed in that regard. Man has missed so many tackles this year.

  75. This is why I'd refuse to pay anyone on the D-line. Sorry Chris, sorry Frank, y'all aren't impactful enough.

  76. Feel sorry for Mahomes. I’m not in that locker and I don’t know him personally, but that defense would fucking hear it tonight if I was the QB, they talk shit all week and then get bitched. Nah, somebody from the defense gotta take this on the chin.

  77. I truly believe that we need to fire Spags and get another DC. Our secondary has been really bad for years and we are not able to stop the pass, and we are always one of the last teams of the league in terms of interceptions. Sometime we blitz when we should drop back. Our defense always concedes 20+ Points against healthy offenses.

  78. I don’t think the bengals have our number the way y’all think they do. The bengals need to play perfect football and we need to be in our own fucking heads to lose to this team. The problem is that’s what we do now. We’ve lost by 3 points in each game we’ve played. I don’t know what the answer is besides “don’t make a mistake” because without that fumble this game goes another way.

  79. I will say anybody here that says at least we don't have Sutton well for fuck sakes, that's a pretty low standard to have. Spaggs needs to go and I've been saying this for a couple years

  80. We didn’t lose the game when Kelce fumbled. We lost when we had a chance to win the game on 4th and 5 with Patrick freaking Mahomes as QB, and we elect to kick a 55 yarder with Butker who’s been decent at best. We took the ball out of the best player in the league and put it on our garbage defense. Inexcusable from Andy and EB

  81. Mahomes was literally limping, hope he’s okay. Orlando brown you are not getting paid 😂. Spags has got to go this off-season. That’s all I have. Pacheco played great

  82. I feel like Mahomes held the ball too long and tried for the big plays. If its 3rd and 3, just focus on converting and getting the ball out quickly.

  83. Spags has Karlaftis, Jones and Clark in addition to Bolton and Gay. None of these players were effective today, although they play at a very high level. That suggests that Spags had no clue as to how to meet the challenge of the Bungles. Not a player loss, a coaching loss. I love Andy Reid but he sometimes hangs on to old friends longer than he should

  84. We didn’t lose cause of the Refs, we lost because we got outplayed. Our defense was terrible at tackling and pass rush and the bengals abused that. We had multiple opportunities on defense to make a stop but failed. I can’t think of one impact play they made all game. That won’t cut it.

  85. They 100% go for the 4th down at the end of Mahomes isn’t limping. Just some bad luck. They will clean it up and have some extra motivation come playoffs. It’s one game. On to Denver.

  86. The lack of pass rush by this team against the Bengals offensives line is absolutely mind-numbing. It is unbelievable.

  87. This Defence is so shit.I don’t think I have faith in anyone other than Chris Jones who’s getting tripled every play because they know we have no one else. Have to use every single draft pick on the D no joke. Get rid of for someone who can actually make a play I don’t care anymore. We ain’t going to win shit without a defence simple as that. And for the love of god get rid of Brown at the end of the season.

  88. The good news is the schedule is cake the rest of the year. Just got to hope for some other losses to other teams.

  89. I remember being so excited that we played well through the gauntlet of a schedule we had to start the year. Especially, knowing we had like the 3rd easiest schedule to close out the season (including this game against the Bengals)…. Now I’m literally trying to figure out where we could possibly improve enough to go win a Super Bowl. A big move on the D Line sure would have helped…not saying the season is over but Pat deserves more help.. he literally gives an advantage over every team in the league every week.

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