Game Thread: Kansas City Chiefs at Cincinnati Bengals

  1. I’m not that upset. This game is totally different if Kelce doesn’t fumble. It was a good game and the Bengals are a really good team. As long as we take care of business the rest of the way, there’s a very good chance we have the one seed. Let’s wrap up the AFCW next week!

  2. All the media guys seem so excited when KC loses. I think Boomer Esiason had to change his drawers on the post game show.

  3. Can’t even blame the refs too much this time (granted they didn’t help). That Kelce strip and the defense playing like trash were the deciding factors.

  4. Can they stop calling it a rivalry? A rivalry would assume we are winning some of those games. With how the team has played them we don't deserve to be their rival.

  5. It’s a damn good thing this isn’t another Sunday night game. It will take hours for my blood pressure to normalize. Love you Chiefs Nation. We’ll see these guys again in the playoffs.

  6. We were actually doing exactly what we needed to running and passing to Travis on that drive. Took a fluky fumble to turn the tide.

  7. I, for one, thank Orlando Brown Jr. for betting on himself. Saved us a lot of money in the future.

  8. 57 isn't getting any presents from Mahomes this Christmas after that last series. Just quitting on the block and watching your QB run for his life on a critical drive? Jesus christ.

  9. Welp, we seem to be the only team in the entire NFL who can't get anywhere near their QB. And the only team that doesn't find it necessary to cover JaMarr Chase at all. We also suddenly get really dumb in the redzone against them (although that's been the case quite often lately).

  10. You should probably just consider a new career, your profession is f'd since the Chiefs lost this game. Maybe try and be an auto mechanic or something

  11. Defense got fucking manhandled all game long. Absolutely embarrassing performance from them. Couldn't get pressure and couldn't fucking tackle. Absolutely mind-boggling to watch. Kelce just allowing the Bengals to strip him helped cost us too. But most of all, the fucking Officiating... This Officiating, man, I don't even know what to say about it. I hate to say "The Refs cost us this game" but they certainly helped. The Pick we got getting taken away by a soft as fuck DPI call. The soft as fuck RTP against us on the same drive. And then letting the Bengals get away with tons of bullshit like one of their players literally faking an injury to prevent using a TO. What a thoroughly disappointing and frustrating game all across the board.

  12. Okay, just here to say I respect good teams and respected the Bengals for being legitimately good enough to beat KC multiple times, but faking an injury in an injury prone league riddled with injury controversy is lower than low. Hate the Bungos now, sorry.

  13. I legitimately believe that our D-line thought the play was dead on that 3 & 11. The left tackle jumped early and we had assumed it would be called a false start. No other explanation for a completely baffling decision to not even attempt to tackle Burrow.

  14. I have a feeling Cincy beats Buffalo which means we just have to do our job on our cupcake remaining schedule. We’ll get our chance when it matters and hopefully this lights a fire now that we are 0-3 against the Bengals. GGs to them

  15. Thuney was missed. Toney was missed (I know it’s still early with him, but he’s dynamic AF). And Mecole was very much missed IMO. Skyy may not be it. Growing appreciation for Mecole over here.

  16. This is what happens when we treat this as a "revenge game." Bengals are gonna live rent free in the team's head until they move on

  17. Everyone chill. This loss sucks but we are still tied for the best record in the AFC with a pretty easy last 5 games.

  18. Awesome outlook... Or we can be realistic and say we lost to a playoff team exposing ourselves and lost the #1 seed. Fucking chill man

  19. Spags is the kind of D coach where he is only good when we have a lead. And since we can’t score and take early leads he doesn’t belong here

  20. Him and gay are overrated especially gay tbh. Jones,Dunlap,Sneed, and McDuffie are the only guys on this D truly worth a damn. Everyone else is slightly above average or is just a JAG

  21. You guys blaming your loss on your kicker for missing a 55 yarder while ignoring Cincy gifted you 4 points by dropping a lay-up TD is … interesting

  22. Fr though. If he had made that 3 pt fg, we would have tied. Then last score wins and all around-- good game, no hard feelings. This was just crap on our end. Bolton and Gay were our only saving graces on the defense and they weren't even top notch this game. Ugh! Gotta shake this loss off.

  23. KC is going to be very fun as long as we have Mahomes and Reid, but I don't see another SB win unless LT and DL get fixed.

  24. So many drives stopped/saved by the refs. They don't get to play the team with the biggest target on their back every week. Good luck making the playoffs.

  25. There is somethings that we can learn from this. Burro, Chase, Higgins are all great players and also all picked in the first 33 picks in there respective drafts. So just go out and put that kind of WR talent around Pat. They are top picks for a reason they are Reliable. Cause now you have 3 rushers getting to Pat and really no answers for this. Or solve it another way just get over that hump.

  26. I don’t know why you’re getting downvoted….The fumble changed the tempo of the game. If Kece did not fumble the game was over pretty much.

  27. It seems like every loss is our own fault. Penalties on crucial plays and one or two plays a game where we give up. Defense needs to step up, but we won't ever beat a good team again if we can't clean up the costly penalties and special teams mishaps.

  28. Yep. When we lose it’s because we beat ourselves. Muffed punts missed field goals wild Kelce fumbles.

  29. Sure we will buddy. Played our most complete game all season and are enjoying a mini-bye before the home stretch. About time you have to play on our field. Even outside fans of the other 30 teams are tired of seeing every Bills/Chiefs game at Arrowhead

  30. Just a reminder Higgins could’ve been on our side if we didn’t draft CEH, that would’ve been really nice right about now

  31. Knowing Reid he would’ve barely played then they trade him to a team and he suddenly is their #1 receiver. Happens all the time

  32. Man its so sad watching how terrible our defense is with tackling! I feel like its been a issue for years but watching Thornhill in particular makes me damn near stroke out

  33. I wonder what the score would've been like if we didn't get that buns RTP penalty and that weak ass DPI call that led to the Bengals getting that early TD. Oh well, always having to beat the refs in this league.

  34. Don't forget the ineligible men down field penalty that killed a drive that showed all 5 linemen still blocking behind the line of scrimmage.

  35. We literally had a sack and the defender just stopped in front of burrow. I’m gonna need to watch that again because I’m still confused

  36. I’ll take 15 any day. Joe Burrow is this team’s kryptonite, not Mahomes’ kryptonite. Our offensive play in our losses is still something 31 other teams would take in a heartbeat. Our defense, specifically our secondary, absolutely fucking folds.

  37. I keep telling myself it is a rebuild year. We weren't supposed to be first in the afc. Losing to the Bills and the Bengals gives us motivation come January.

  38. This! The crazy part is the bengals gut pressure with 3 and dropping 8 guys into coverage….. we pretty much always rushed 5… so burrow had more time throwing into a coverage with less guys, that won’t cut it.

  39. Had to stop and check to make sure he had the ball because if he touches him there we lose on the penalty. Rodgers ruined this league by having glass fucking clavicles.

  40. Worst of all rodgers’ clavicle was broken on a pre-season game and mike mccarthy left him in the game when they were far ahead. Another reason to hate mccarthy

  41. Really liked Justin Reid coming in as a signing just to be a solid player. He definitely has room to grow here as a player here in KC and I think he will. I get that football is a competitive game and all that. I don't want to see this dude talk again. Our pass rush man. So much better now vs at this point last year. Still can't sack Burrow.

  42. Yeah I wanted a reply but couldn't keep the game on. I don't even understand what happened he looked like he was standing in front of him for 2 full seconds

  43. Mike Danna. Looks like he was off balance coming around the edge, but he just sort of... stopped

  44. Man I just wish we could have even a middle of the line defense. Hardly any turnovers. Poor tackling. No pass rush. Poor against both the pass and run. So frustrating.

  45. Thornhill and Reid have horrible run support, Bolton had a off game and Williams as usual a step behind smh

  46. Worst the defense has looked this season IMO. I think they’ve played well overall this year but SO many missed tackles today. And did we even have two QB hits?

  47. Bengals are a team that consistently covers the spread, and we are a team that almost never covers the spread, it is what it is

  48. Delete your account. Dumbass takes like this are why this sub absolutely fucking painful to interact with beyond game day threads.

  49. Our coordinators need to go. This shit is not cutting it. That defensive performance was beyond abysmal. And Bieniemy’s situational play calling is absolutely atrocious. Why the hell are we trying to go 20 yards downfield on a 3rd and 4 against a team that can’t stop our running game? Absolutely pathetic from pretty much everyone today.

  50. Hey everyone. Just remember that the bill is about to come due forBurrow, Chase, and Higgins. So that’s 110 mil/yr at the going rate for those three. They won’t be able to keep the team together. Fuck them, fuck their fans, and fuck their city. And yes I’m aware I’m being a sore loser

  51. lol yes we can. we will just get rid of boyd. you guys got rid of hill we can survive without higgins or chase honestly but all we have to do is get rid of mixion and boyd,and we are fine.

  52. Not for another two years for Burrow/Higgs, and not for like 4 years for Chase. However, they have a lot of defensive players up for free agency next year.

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