We get it Khloe you like black d**k 🙄

  1. I’m sorry but I HATE Khloe’s new voice. She sounded normal in the earlier seasons but now she tries too hard to have this monotone seductive sounding voice; it’s so cringey

  2. i had to google that in the hopes you were trolling. you weren't. i'm sure you're a perfectly lovely person but right now i hate you.

  3. I hate that I’m just learning this now…I went to 3 stores to find white cheddar for my thanksgiving Mac and cheese, and then I just got a block of white cheddar and spent way too much of my life shredding it…and I could have just used cheddar?!

  4. They try so hard to be hot and sexy and this isn't it. I've heard more than one man describe grown women who talk about sex constantly as "cock-hungry" and it's not an attractive thing. It's no different to that guy we all know who won't stop turning everything into sexual innuendo, it's not appealing behaviour from an adult

  5. It really is fully scripted. WHO ASKS “why is that?” when someone says they like a commonly enjoyed food? The only reason for that question is to set up the punchline.

  6. Why would you say "it makes me feel good", about fucking cheese? This is so awkward and scripted to give Khloe a scandalous sex quip.

  7. I just don't know when the actual point comes that this all backfires on all of them. The Kardashian Kompound for Wayward Negro Sperm Donors cannot go on much longer. Although I say the same thing about Elon or Trump ... I just cannot fathom how this can continue. Watching our society just literally PAY to destroy itself is mind boggling.

  8. Kylie looks so uncomfortable here. Khloe is being overtly sexual around her BABY SISTER. Imagine. Like she keeps pushing when no one is entertaining her lol. Desperate.

  9. Kylie is ALWAYS uncomfortable. Khloe is ALWAYS overtly sexual. It's their schtick... Momager approved ... as long as they clearly understand the pecking order and remain at the beck and call of Kris and Kim.

  10. Kylie is also overly sexual😭.so because of that khloe didn’t see the problem saying that lol. And Kylie was like 19 here she had alr had plenty of the same dick Kylie also fetishized 😴.

  11. This family fetishizes black men and uses their bi racial children as accessories. Talk about whyte privledge... they get away with this shit all the time. No one bats an eye.

  12. This makes me so angry every time I watch it. Like she was waiting to make that comment! I doubt shes ever acknowledged and appreciated actual black history, makes me so sad for her daughter

  13. I find it so sunny that they do everything in their power to be sexy and it’s just all a big fail.. also white cheddar making you feel good?? That was such a set up line.

  14. Ewww Khloe… so cringe she thought she did something. Off topic, but she should have stopped here with her surgery.

  15. She 100% should have stopped here with the surgury. She looked 🔥. But I’m sure her sisters continued to feed into her insecurity.

  16. Maybe it’s just me but I find it very odd to only think of one type of race as attractive. Like there’s having preferences and then there’s saying i do not find white men attractive, ONLY black men are attractive to me. Especially when you’re white?? And there’s so many hot men out there that are various other races??

  17. I think that’s what makes it the worst with them. Look we all have our preferences, and I think that’s ok. But I won’t actively seek white men ONLY. An attractive person is an attractive person.

  18. Growing up there were a lot of fellow white girls who proudly bragged that they only date black men & it always cringe to me. That's definitely fetishism. I doubt most guys want to be their act of rebellion because that's what they always make it sound like. Literally no one cares but the people you date. None.

  19. That was definitely my cousin up until Trump came around….then she started hanging out with the wrong types of people and it definitely showed her true colors….especially since last year her and her dipshit boyfriend had “FJB” and “let’s go Brandon” as Christmas decor.

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