now kylie…

  1. I mean it’s probably in her financial interest to remain single but it’s desperate to call yourself wifey especially when you publicly admit to wanting to get married while also having two kids with a guy…

  2. it makes me cringe so badly that all she wants in the world is for Travis to wife her up but he absolutely wont cause he doesn’t seem to be about that life. i wonder if she wishes things happened differently and with someone else 🤔

  3. Idk what it is but whenever she speaks in interviews she’s stiff and uncomfortable. It’s like she’s acting how she thinks she should act but it only comes off as fake.

  4. I don’t think so. Kylie got exactly what she deserved. What decent man would put up with her nonstop display of her botched tatas and ass, materialism and wastefulness? A woman who acts like a tramp gets treated like a tramp.

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