Totally normal to tell your kid that a dress is why she was conceived.

  1. My son is the same age as North and he has no where near the independence that she has. He has zero clue about most of what she’s been privy to. Everytime I see north on the show I remind myself of her age bc that child knows WAY too much at 10

  2. I was over here thinking that the inappropriate context was phrased strangely for a child of that age. "In my belly" - is that not way under-age terminology for a 10 year old? I wouldn't expect her to break it down fresh from scratch right there, but shouldn't a 10 year old already know enough about "pregnant" and "before you were born, when you were still growing", to make her wording more appropriate for a toddler?

  3. I have a teenaged son and I'm at a loss to imagine a scenario where I'd just launch into a similar unprompted conversation with him. She is talking to/using North as a friend, this is parentification and I bet North will realize it before Kim does.

  4. Or they were very much timing it to make a baby, so she knows exactly when it prob happened. Hate to be the devils advocate but I had some fertility issues, so the timing of sex was of utmost important to increase the odds of conceiving.

  5. I was peeing on sticks to look for my ovulation date to conceive my son. We had sex once and it worked. So yea, I know the date of conception lol

  6. my birthday is on Valentine’s Day. on my 13th birthday, at dinner, my parents told me “in a way it was also your brothers birthday since we made him on valentines day as well” not saying this is normal, bc it’s not, but kim telling north the dress she wore is mild in comparison lmfao

  7. I have many family members with birthdays within a week of each other, 9 months after Valentine's Day. I was personally an AFL Grand final baby.

  8. I never needed my parents to tell me. I did the math when I was like 16. Yuck. My moms birthday is December 16th and mine is September 16. 🤢🤢🤢🤢

  9. The running joke in my family is that my sister was conceived during the blizzard of ‘96 (here on the east coast) and she scream/laughs whenever it’s mentioned. My mom definitely tortures her in a funny way about it. Kim does a lot of heinous shit but this isn’t really a big deal.

  10. My mom literally used to tell me that I was conceived in the back of my dad’s “green Chevy truck.” My fam definitely has no boundaries. 😂

  11. My parents told me when and where it was and I wish I hadn't ever received this information. Maybe if I was older, like an adult. But they told me when I was just a bit older than North here, also casually during conversation. That was around time when I learned what sex is, so this information was even more traumatising 😭😂

  12. I don’t think it’s weird that she told North. However, it is weird that she is telling her on camera. My mom told me where/when I was conceived too. But I would be absolutely mortified if everyone else knew. This is such a personal conversation.

  13. side note: it rly does make me feel so good about myself that i bleach my hair that light at home & it looks sm better than hers 🙏 how does it feel kimmy???

  14. My mom back in hs drove past an apartment with me in Korea town and told me I was conceived there 💀 def a weird thing LOL

  15. Cause she never spends time with her. Her young children would rather take the Nanny's hand than their own mother's - this is saying everything you need to know. Tragic, gruesome and vile all at once.

  16. They have no regard for human life, not even their own kids. I don't want to say too much but... They're the epitome of evil.

  17. Ugh one time I was going on a weekend trip with some friends and my mom randomly blurted out "we went there as a family once before you were born.. well actually it's where we made you!"

  18. My mom likes to tell me I was conceived after my dad returned from a fishing trip. I feel North’s pain.

  19. I mean…my dad never lets me forget that I was conceived to a John Denver album. I think it’s normal for parents to be cringe, just unfortunate that they’re all being filmed lmao

  20. I never got why some parents don't straight out tell their kids how they got pregnant with them. Like my parents told me it was because my dad fertilized my mum's egg which then grew into me. You don't have to say it's because we had sex but it's better for kids to learn when they are young about how babies are made so when you do have the sex talk its alot easier for them to understand.

  21. Is it possible to know the exact date of conception? Or is this just that they only had relations once in the matter of weeks so obviously it was the time she wore the stupid blue dress. My god her whole life is focused on what she wears.

  22. I just watched this scene and was like, how have I not seen anyone mention this on Reddit?? Who tells their daughter when she was conceived? Sick.

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