I wonder if Kylie reshot this video until she got the prompt she wanted

  1. There’s no way in hell she didn’t. This SCREAMS insecure teenage girl and that’s Kylie’s brand, image, and energy, always.

  2. I know she's a "business woman" or whatever but does she actually do anything in her whole life besides stare at herself in mirrors and camera phones. Fucking cringe.

  3. Pffft i don’t know what type of businesswoman and billionaire that makes soft porn, i can’t believe that this is the most popular female ‘billionaire’ its embarrassing for us

  4. As someone who runs an actual business I would love to have her work a week failing at running my business and then challenge her to dare call herself that again. Thanks to her half the women making money off onlyfans and sticking a pair of fake lashes on an Instagram follower declare themselves business women and moguls and it’s blasphemous lies 😹 go do a brain melting dry month end meeting Kyle then get back to me about how you run anything gtfoh 😹

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