Are they in pain?

  1. I know some people through my job who run in the very high level celebrity/entertainment business crowds of LA and NYC, and I guess the recovery centers for plastic surgery are known to be quite sad places. They’re super secretive and private, and many patients are just there alone for weeks at times healing the incisions. A lot of plastic surgery is physically very painful to recover from too. One of those things that makes you realize how lonely being rich and famous really can be.

  2. In the recent photos and videos Kim looks like she's in constant pain. Like it's not just being uncomfortable from all that tight clothing, it's pain

  3. that video where she was essentially using north as a cane comes to mind. idk if it was foot pain from heels or her wonky hip but something was making her unable to walk without support.

  4. I wonder the same thing. Like not a one of them has medical anxiety?? I’ve wanted a rhinoplasty for a decade now, but the thought of having things covering my nose, up my nose, around my nose, not being able to remove it, not being able to breathe for a week…legit almost send me into a panic attack. I guess I’m a weirdo though bc not a one of them seems to care.

  5. Same!!! After years of agonizing over my gummy smile I decided getting cosmetic surgery was worth it. First appointment with the surgeon and he starts describing the procedure with “we’ll dislocate your jaw” and I was like “NOPE”.

  6. But they have all the other types of anxiety so don’t you dare say anything to hurt their feelings you witch!

  7. My husband had to have a deviated septum fixed (his shit was basically at a right angle) and a couple of cyst pockets dug out of his nose.

  8. I honestly cant imagine how exhausting it is to wake up every single day and your job is to look hot. On the days you're not taking 56647 selfies, your in bed healing from a surgery. They're in physical and emotional pain. Have to be, right?

  9. Yes, but this is what Kim considers ‘work’ and she believes because she’s willing to go through this pain, that she deserves where she is and is a better achiever than other women.

  10. working from home has been such a luxury because….i get to just be regular? and comfortable? dressing up becomes a fun treat instead of something i HAVE to do now. it’s so exhausting

  11. I always wonder if they feel sorry for themselves after their surgeries, like do they whine about the pain and ask their assistants for treats and shit?? Not that anybody deserves pain but I'd be embarrassed to complain after my 3rd nose job and sculptra sessions. Idk man

  12. The more I see this, the more I feel like it is a form of self-mutilation, like cutting oneself but paying someone else to actually do it. I say this because I am not against plastic surgery per se, but when it starts being used to self-soothe and becomes habitual, it freaks me out. I also wonder about remorse, like do they ever take one step back from the bathroom mirror, try to see themselves as others might and realize "oh wow it's looking a bit obvious..."?

  13. I had lipo done two months ago. I am still in pain daily. I originally just wanted my breast implants removed, but the surgeon suggested lipo with fat transfer to help fill my breasts out, and I kind of wish I had just had the explant surgery done. I am positive the reason they wear those corsets and skims is to help with pain and swelling.

  14. I used to work in medical esthetics and 100% of the clients who came in regularly were addicted. The pain, the cost, what they might look like in ten years… no matter. They all compared it to tattoo’s, once you get one you want more. One client told me the pain meant she was “getting even prettier”. I wonder if it’s similar for these surgeries?

  15. I have wondered this too. With the amount of times they have surgery, and you can see just how many by watching Lorry Hill’s YouTube videos, they must be on opioids quite often. It’s so easy to become addicted to it, so it wouldn’t surprise me if they’re addicted.

  16. Sometimes I wonder what Kanye’s true thoughts were about it, considering the circumstances of how Donda died. Kim can obviously do whatever she wants, but I wonder if it was a point of contention coz he had lost his mother when she went under the knife.

  17. Just replied something like this above- quite a bizarre Shakespearean tragedy it would be! I can’t imagine how Kanye would deal with that kind of trauma. Awful.

  18. He went and got lipo himself. He has dissed plastic surgery in his music. Marries, dates and patronizes plastic women. He’s a narcissist hypocrite that’s why he married into that family. It’s birds of a feather in Hollywood.

  19. I feel like they'd about have to be. How many times can you cut, stretch, fill, transfer, etc all around these nerves in your body without them getting pissed off.

  20. Whereas most are scared of going under the knife, surgery to them must be like a quick hop on the jet to get down the street 🙄

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