$150 part from Honda

  1. I should add that this is a very unique part that shouldn’t be needed in 99% of cases. It’s probably an “internal” part and is priced to prevent them from being sold to dealers and not being used to rebuild or build racks. Like you can buy the stator for any Honda starter or alternator, but the stator is usually more than the price as a whole.

  2. this is most likely the case. if you're legally not allowed to destroy product or limit access to repairs, but you really dont want someone fucking around, you can price it out to dissuade refurbs.

  3. You'll see the same phenomenon with machine shops, etc. Places won't outright refuse a job because that looks bad, but they'll quote you some insane amount instead. We call it the 'I don't want to do that' price. Generally only enacted when something is going to be such a colossal pain in the ass that it's really just more prudent to let that bit of business go elsewhere.

  4. When I click the shop now buttons for my local dealers I get prices ranging from that full MSRP down to Your Price $ 8,147.67

  5. I cannot fathom "needing" such a system in the age of smartphones for 8 year olds. Seriously...get them a tablet, it's fine 😂 that's enough to pay for several years of a data plan, too.

  6. Yeah, most of that stuff Toyota doesn't actually want to sell. You have to order it from a third party remanufacturer via Toyota. Usually those unit are actually 3k. Give or take 1k depending on what the remanufacturer wants.

  7. Man I sell aftermarket AV gear and Toyota Lexus IS our #1 speciality. That’s the most insane thing I’ve ever heard. We could do 9” touch screen headrests in every row from Voxx or TMI, Alpine Halo receiver, all the best of everything in that van for that price. I bet someone has paid it before.

  8. Ordering shit is ridiculous right now. I went to order some 30mm mild steel all thread in February… outta stock. I called and was told “we dont know when or even if we’ll get some in.” That was McMaster too. Which reminds me…

  9. I thought about replacing the hardware with my compliance bushings until I saw the plain old washer was over $22 from Honda. I guess I should stop complaining.

  10. This is probably passthrough cost from the supplier. JTEKT supplies the current system for the Odyssey. JTEKT is part owned by Toyota. Toyota is telling Honda to get fucked apparently.

  11. You know some shit dude is sitting in his fancy ass office in Tokyo wringing his hands like "Watch me turn 15 cents into $150!" Like some Jojo villain

  12. We have been waiting on two of those Odyssey racks since January. Intergalactic back order term is accurate.

  13. I worked in manufacturing logistics (in electronics) early in my career and after that, I don’t get too bothered about weird part pricing anymore. This may not apply to this part … but sometimes what happens is the company knows it needs 500 of these a year, but the minimum order is 50,000 and there’s a $250,000 tooling fee just to set up the process.

  14. I know you were more on the "reason not excuse" side, but inefficient internal corporate policies are not the greatest explanation to someone from the outside.

  15. Mack/Volvo was having issues for a while supplying MP7/VE11 rear crank seals. The warehouses were bare, the truck was in pieces in the shop, we even tried an aftermarket one (which immediately leaked.)

  16. I can’t find the right, intelligible sentence to describe how common and frustrating this is. People joke about the government paying $20 for a hammer. It’s a friggin’ O-ring! Why isn’t it 59 cents? Does it come with leather pants or a case of scotch? Is it the limited edition O-ring with a diamond key chain and bobble head?

  17. I don't understand the people arguing that this is fake. Lol. Just putting the number in Google pulls up 10 listings of around $90-$140.

  18. Bro I had to do the same thing to fix my shift interlock on my SS. You just need a washer from a washing machine and a fishing knife, you widdle that shit down until it fits just right and works long enough to take it to the dealership to trade in.

  19. Toyota tried charging me $1088 for a $82 part. I only found the true price after arguing with them to fix the issue, they ended up paying for the repairs. But when I got the sheet noting all the repair work they did, I looked up the part numbers and $82 was the most expensive part.

  20. 3D printing is actually a growing trend for these types of items. Materials like PEEK can be printed at a fraction of the cost of producing it from raw because it's currently (edit: extremely difficult and cost prohibitive) to injection mold it. Even more basic materials often have multiple machines involved in sizing them.

  21. Ever use MegaZip? They ship Honda OEM parts from Japan and are drastically cheaper than buying from a Honda dealership. I got a replacement CR-Z door handle assembly (the interior bits of those are basically big rubber bands) for around $64 delivered. Local dealer quoted $220 for the exact same part.

  22. This reminds me of the time I purchased a replacement prop rod for a Toyota Echo. It's a metal stick that holds up the hood once you pop it open...for $40 CDN.

  23. Had a couple of ZTR mowers with 24 hp commercial grade Hondas. Ended up hating those things. Most overrated engines. Overpriced parts, flakey performance, and didn't last any longer than a better performing kawasaki.

  24. Ok ... im gonna open it slowly to avoid it flying away at the speed of ligh- RllllllllP ... welp customer gon need another one of these

  25. Lol, yamaha does some of the same, but not quite that bad. Just more "oh yeah, where else you gonna get it?" type stuff. Their electronics are the same, knowing the cheap alternative is total trash. $49 junk doesnt work, so the oem version is $249. Nothing too special to justify the price, just knowing the "$49" guys could do better & wont, so any price is justified. It gets even better after the OEM version of the part is officially discontinued. There are some OEM parts I'm intentionally ordering extras of, knowing the "oem quality" ones will be gone soon. Just put in an order of 20 parts, one will be delivered from USA, the other 19 from Japan (who had 28 of them), those will be gone soon, and I'll have probably the last of them.

  26. To all those people who are talking shit about the price of an OEM part, you need know how costly it is for the company to procure the raw materials, process them and transform them to a precision part for a machine which needs to be safe. If only you knew it is made of Unicorn Horn then you’d understand why its priced so.

  27. Honda is brutal for this. My dad had to pay $60 for a rubber o ring for his outboard engine... You couldn't fit thos o ring over your pinky finger.

  28. There's a gasket in the exhaust of the S2000 that is the exact same as on an early 2000's civic. But, they have different part numbers. Years ago, the S2000's part was like $22 while the civic's was like $4

  29. I paid $110 on a ball-bearing of the same size as this honda part this week. But it was not a car, it was a meat grinder. I had to show the receipt of the ball-bearing to the client, because he just not belived that something soo small cost that much

  30. Reminds me of the $400 leaf spring shackles for my ‘68 Dodge Sweptline. Flipped the hanger and used 72-93 shackles, that’s been working fine

  31. Looks like Nylon. Set up a small CNC lathe with bar stock, pump out 4-5 a minute, sell for discount of $50=profit. Hell I could turn a small one cavity mold for that, throw it in an old 20T machine and make one every 15s for $0.03 of material. No operator required, that can run 24/7 lights out.

  32. This sort of thing boils my piss, I used to work in procurement for London underground, we needed a couple of hundred anti roll bar drop links, they were a special order from Kawasaki, massive lead time etc, so I pulled all the specs and drawings, sent them off to a bearing manufacturer in Germany and had them made to a better spec, delivered in a month and for half the price of the original part.

  33. My first summer job was working in a Honda parts warehouse in Ohio. I worked in the export division, so all my orders went overseas. Amused me to now end every time I shipped Made in Japan parts to a dealership in Japan.

  34. The vtec oil pressure switch oring on k24 engines is $50. A 5/8" rubber oring. I just used generic a/c nitrile ones for like 10cents ea.

  35. eBay is great for finding parts. Saved thousands in comparison to what the dealer is charging. You name it OEM: wipers, brake parts, tires, sun visor, etc.

  36. Lmao. Im the fix it guy at the shop. My boss comes up to me one day and hands me a little baggy with our machine logo on it with 2 10mm magnets and asks me to install them on his machine. and I ask how much he paid for them and he said $50. EACH.

  37. It's parts like these that make me REALLY wish that people would start making these in CAD and letting mechanics 3d print parts to save time and money

  38. Should have just had a machinist make one for you. Or look for an equivalent on McMaster. A guy at work actually ran into a similar issue, spent 50 dollars on what he thought was a dozen washers. Turns out it was 1. So he just machined the rest.

  39. Delrin. It’s probably a part that you can buy in an industrial catalog for 5 bucks for 100. Just for whatever reason the spreadsheet gods deemed so, Honda MSRP is around 150.

  40. Fuck Honda. In all arenas. Discontinued parts for outboard motors that are newer than my fucking jeans I still wear

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