Nazi Russian girl who harassed Ukrainians in Germany. She is now being deported from Germany to Russia.

  1. youre a piece of shit for celebrating this, any draft is fucked if that was your country itd be your children theyd be conscripting.

  2. at the beginning she was singing "🎶 russia will win, russia will win 🎶 and then said How owns Kherson?" which I find funny because my homeland is about to take it back

  3. If only she was sent to a majority black prison in the meantime before being deported

  4. Genau so sieht das aus 👌🏻 Jeder ist herzlich willkommen Bist du kriminell oder anderweitig ein Arschloch dann verpiss dich wieder

  5. Ok first of all please be more fair to Russia. They enforce plenty of laws like no saying “war”, no blank protest signs, no foreign media, no speaking ill of the king, and jail for anyone who doesn’t want to die in the king’s war.

  6. A lot of balls considering it's the Men who have to fight the battles for you. I'm all about this feminist movement. Send all these loud mouths to war since they're so proud of it.

  7. Unfortunately if a country goes to war, women and children die and suffer too. Everyone is affected. I've heard ppl in US and Russia talk about encouraging war like it's no big deal "for the future of our country", there will be no future. People are crazy regardless of gender. The old men in power themselves started wars and they don't have to serve either. Young ppl have to suffer for their mistakes

  8. It always strikes me very odd when a milquetoast adjacent person has so many feelings toward those who aren't boring old milquetoast. I digress, deport her!

  9. There’s this trend of people behaving like Nazis, then finger pointing at some other group saying those are the Nazis! Attack them!

  10. Typical. Loves war, wants war but will never pick up a rifle to go to war. Why is it that the biggest warmongers are always the ones too chicken shit to actually go to war?

  11. Jeez man, with everything happening around the world, I don’t understand why some people chose more hate and discrimination over love and kindness.

  12. Because people are jerkoffs. Sad, but true. They’d rather be cruel than kind. They’d rather have it ‘their way’ than accept someone else’s way of life.

  13. Transporter (Star Trek style) her to the front w Russian troops, I’m pretty sure they’d add her to all their other stolen property or worse.

  14. One military battalion represents the political views of an entire nation? That’s wild. I’m in Ohio where we have civilian militias with right wing ideology’s everywhere. It’s almost like every nation in the world has its ignorant supremacists.

  15. The first clip is my Hometown Salzburg in Austria. The bridge they‘re walking on is a bridge built by Jews and POWs of Nazi Germany during WW2.

  16. Because russians are the one attacking ukraine. Not that hard of a logic to follow is it.. the reason all russians are treated "bad" is the same reason germans where treated bad after ww2..

  17. And as dumb as a Slav Nazi in general. Hitler thought us subhuman and wanted us exterminated along with Jews, Roma, and yet here we are.

  18. Shame they’re not that strict/fast when they need to deport other people. Shows the double standard.

  19. My good sir or madam. I don’t know what you are going through right now, but please know: you are better than this.

  20. She’s obnoxious and vain. How do you bully others in another country?. I hope if one tries this in Canada, us Canadians will make sure you’re put in your place!

  21. I think I'm gonna regret this but could we get a subbed version just for clarification of what she said?

  22. First video: Russia will win. Russia will win. La-la-la. La-la-la. Whose Kherson? Second video: In short, I just received a notification in the mail, my reserve was rejected, the money will be returned within three days. Third video: In short, I show you once what you need to do if you get some kind of crap about Ukrainians from the police. You need to do this: we come to such a place, we take it, we wipe ourselves. Fourth video: Hi everyone, I'm leaving Germany now. I packed my things, now it remains to pack a suitcase. I will leave by car

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