California woman charged with murder and detained on $1 million bail for ramming her car into a man after accusing him of trying to run over a cat in the street. A spokesperson for the Orange County district attorney's office said it was not immediately clear whether a cat was actually involved.

  1. Cat or not, I don't think the way to make your point that killing an animal with your car is wrong, is to do that exact thing.

  2. People in here showing their sociopathic side by saying yes the life of an imaginary cat was worth more than the man’s. Ya’ll are disgusting.

  3. Ummm cause it is. Any animal for that matter. Or do you take pleasure in hurting smaller beings than you?

  4. Remember folks if you want to get away with murder hit someone with your car and say it was an accident.

  5. If I saw someone trying to hurt something deliberately like that I would probably do something to defend it as well. But that’s depending on the actual story which will never be revealed most likely lol

  6. With those ears, she probably heard u type this. Better have your Clefable ready to defend you from this Impidimp.

  7. what does that have to do with any of this? are you implying that if he was trying to kill a cat, it’s justified because they’re invasive and should be indoors?

  8. Gonna need a citation for your extinction claim. FYI any study that claims cats kill billions of birds a year is using bad data and bad math. We wouldn’t have birds left if that were true.

  9. Be ready for those down votes. I wish people actually did their fucking research on these things, like to be so fucking stupid and think that your feelings for an animal that is directly responsible for destroying habitats is worth more than the lives of millions of smaller animals, reptiles, amphibians, and avian creatures.

  10. The funny thing about cays is that they are so damn fast and sneaky we may never know if there actually was a cat and if it ninja'd away from the scene or not.

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