Woman arrested for DESTROYING store because her credit card declined!

  1. I honestly think we see a MASSIVE decline in small time crimes and general insanity if we can get Universal Basic Income in place. Many millions of desperate people just won't be so desperate any more. Massive savings within the legal and prison system as well. Massive savings to property owners. Just a more peaceful and safer society.

  2. Do people not check their balance before they go to the store? Or at least see if they have the cash to cover it if their card doesn't work?

  3. Why is she acting like some victim screaming on the floor when she was throwing bottles that couldn’t seriously injured someone?

  4. How do these people think this is gonna go? You’re throwing glass bottles everywhere and destroying shit. Then acts surprised and screams when she gets arrested.

  5. Some places would allow customers to defend themselves once a bottle gets thrown at them (literally, that COULD end someone) Other places if customer tried to subdue the threat, the customer would get charged for not retreating fast enough.

  6. Liability. That's why workers aside from designated security don't go after even the most blatant shoplifters, especially not past the doors.

  7. Oftentimes workplaces will be very strict that employees cannot touch customers even if they're stealing/destroying stuff because they don't want to get sued.

  8. Now your ass is going to jail, man people can be dumb af, I never understand peoples thinking when they take something stupid and turn it into jail time and a case 🤦🏻‍♂️

  9. Some winco’s don’t accept credit, only debit. So if you don’t have the cash in your account you can’t fall back on credit.

  10. There are too many people working the registers and not enough piñatas for that to be a winco, lol. That being said, my local winco takes cards and even food stamps/card.

  11. Nor should they. It's not their job to deal with security issues. If I were the manager, I would call on the overhead to other customers that the store is temporarily closed for safety reasons, and then get all the employees in a back room and tell them to chill until the cops come.

  12. I can’t help but think she is probably an alcoholic trying to get her next drink. It’s certainly not an excuse. Obviously has poor impulse control

  13. What a total piece of human misery. Starts screaming n crying like she didn’t do anything, someone’s parents clearly don’t care about raising functional members of society.

  14. So you never seen the video of a naked white Australian woman throwing bottles on top of a table at a restaurant? Your ignorance of evidence is evident. Please slither back into your hole and let your brain develop more. Can we all just accept that any person of any race is capable of good or evil? I want you to get out of your superiority complex and do some math against some Indian 4th graders to show you just how much your not it.

  15. It boggles my mind how people get it in their head that their individual business matters enough to a company that threatening to never come back would change anything.

  16. It’s a little women, somebody should’ve just armbarred her and held her on the ground until the cops came, stupid fuck got to have too much fun

  17. Am I the only one getting tired of videos showing someone trashing a store and neither the owner or bystanders doing anything to stop it?

  18. She was an unhinged, violent person throwing glass bottles. People’s safety is more important than the store’s merchandise. When it’s all on video, the store will be reimbursed x10 if they choose to sue.

  19. I don’t get why people act like this. I forgot my wallet yesterday and when I tried to pay at the store with Apple Pay it was declined. I was like “dunno why its declining- can you still start my order? I gotta go get my wallet.” They did start my order which is cool but even if they did not, Its not so serious. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  20. I feel so bad for the employees who are gonna have to clean up the mess and then weeks later still find sticky remnants of sauces / juices that have coagulated onto the shelves. Because I'm sure the store was still be actively open after the incident so time will be short on cleaning. So the employees most likely were only able to wipe down the shelves once before having to move onto working 3 of their 5 jobs of the day / night.

  21. Sometimes from video like this, i just wished to know how fk they are after, like how much suffering they had to go through because of one childish tantrum.

  22. This seems to be happening all the time in the last 2 years. How is it their fault ur broke or ur cards fucked up. I'll never understand doing something like this. Good luck with all those felonies.

  23. It blows my mind when people throw fits in public, break things or assault people, and then have the audacity to cry and scream bloody murder when they get served justice.

  24. I'd bet 9 times out of 10 these people were raised by parents who never put their foot down and told them no. But instead would eventually give in and give the kid what they want just to get them to stop/shut up.

  25. This is a fucking Winco. You're not able to use credit cards after a certain time and, after talking with people who work there, it's more designed for Debit and cash.

  26. Where are your Wincos that they don't take cards after a certain time? I have one right next to my apartment complex and I'll go grocery shopping at like 2am and use my card.

  27. I’m an American and for the past 18 years I’ve literally never seen anything like this in person. Please don’t judge us all by what’s on the front page of Reddit. Only the bad stuff makes it to the top

  28. Thank god she got arrested. I’ve seen too many videos where people get caught shoplifting and destroy a store on their way out only to get away

  29. Her card getting declined set off a woman who was likely already mentally fragile to begin with. I hope they did a mental health evaluation before deciding whether or not to take the case to court.

  30. I'd have honestly walked right up to her, destroying property of a store is relatively minor compared to assault, and if she assaulted someone then she'd get sued in civil court, and in the US that's just as bad as criminal court, but has less burden of proof.

  31. Many people have seemed to get used to “The Customer Is Always Right” mentality and have become so entitled you see grown adults having tantrums and harass innocent employees.

  32. The collective American psyche is schizophrenic and shattered. People are brought up in an incredibly atomizing environment where individualism is seen as the highest virtue. A whole population of people brought up with contradicting moral values, under immense economic pressure with very little outlook and very few communal channels to meet these hardships with. It's not surprising that people go crazy when the pressure builds up.

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