Unethical doctor who wrote up fake vaccination certificates and vaccine exemptions will be de-registered and forbidden from medical practice of any kind for at least the next six years

  1. It’s amazing how the most educated people on the planet all agree on so many prominent scientific topics such as the efficacy of vaccines, climate change, the earth being round, etc. but people like you cherry pick the lunatics who disagree and then say “see! I was right!” What a terrible and difficult way to live.

  2. All those poor drug dealers, standing up for what their community wants by sourcing illegal narcotics to sell to them, and they get punished for it! What a shame.

  3. The job of a doctor isn't to stand up for what people want. But to advocate for their best health even if they don't know what's good for them.

  4. You meant he broke the law? What community? The majority are vaccinated, he only did it for the tiny number of imbeciles and hope they'll get what they deserved too.

  5. As if his values and principles will not be the same or worse in 6 years. He’ll just be more bitter and angrier.

  6. Thank you Dr. for giving us great passes from Tom Brady to Antonio Brown this season. Bless you sir for you are an American Hero.

  7. He will have to reapply after six years. It won’t be automatically reinstated. They will definitely be looking at his reason for suspension when he reapplies.

  8. Great. Now go after the assholes who got those fake exemptions and certificates. Make them lose their jobs, too.

  9. Note that was pre-covid even, it was for parents who refused to get their children the standard vaccinations.

  10. Some Aussie states (including the one where he worked) have what is colloquially called "No Jab No Play", which means there's a minimum standard of vaccinations for kids to be allowed to attend commercial daycare, pre-school, kindergarten, etc. Like you said, he was issuing fake paperwork to let antivax parents skirt around those requirements.

  11. No. Not enough. Doctors are supposed to be held to a higher standard of ethics. I feel he should lose his license completely.

  12. Google "medical licensing body" and the country or state you're in. That should give you a good start.

  13. Because even a 2-year break from Medicine makes it very difficult to return to the profession; the advances and changes in Medicine happen so fast, if is difficult to remain up to date, even in full-time employment. A 6-year break would make it near impossible to return, unless he was somehow able to attended continuous educational courses - which as non-registered practitioner, he would likely not have access too. His career is over - and rightfully so.

  14. Joe Rogan is always accepting new experts for his show since the current ones are dying off for some reason.

  15. I didn't know the full title of Jeopardy was Let's Make Money By Placing Immunocompromised Children In Jeopardy.

  16. What ??? It should be revoked PERMANENTLY!! He took an oath. Do no harm!!! Who knows how many of those he wrote the FAKE cards for got Covid and either died or spread it and those they infecyed died????

  17. And he wasn't even sincere; the whole thing was a money making scam. He'd developed his own vaccine and patented it, and he wanted to lower people's confidence in the existing vaccine so he could sell his own. Unfortunately he overdid it and his target audience went off vaccinations entirely.

  18. Andrew Wakefield. Disgusting person he wasn't the first anti vaxxer, people were hesitant. He was the person behind the autism and vaccine "link". He performed a study which used a tiny sample size false reports and he literally made up shit. All to discredit the vaccinations but lo and behold he had a solution HIS Rubella vaccine HE was selling was the answer. Now he's a "martyr"

  19. Gotta love the taps on the wrist. No No No ! go stand in time out for at least 6 years . Mommy will let you out sooner with good behavior. Mommy feels sorry she yelled you.

  20. It is really strange to me that apparently after 6 years, it will be ok that he did this and he can be a doctor again. How much is really going to change in 6 years? Is he supposed to just magically learn to not do unethical things? If someone loses my trust, they lose it for ever.

  21. In Australia it's a lot. He isn't allowed to act like a doctor at all. He can't see patients, offer medical advice, get paid for any kind of medical services, or refer to himself as a doctor in any way. He wanted to be able to call himself "an unregistered doctor" but the board said no, he can't call himself a doctor at all. Also, in six years he can apply to get re-registered but there's no guarantee he'll be accepted. This could be permanent.

  22. Isn't this the guy that was already retired and came back to work for COVID and now he's just going to go back into retirement?

  23. He wasn't retired - he was de-registered and not allowed to work as a doctor. This judgement means he's going to stay de-registered.

  24. We need more doctors who don't believe in medical science. This is a joke. I'm an engineer, it's like being, Hook's law is a lie! Strain is a myth! Don't put them steels in your beams! They radiate 5g and give you covid!

  25. Why only prevented from practicing medicine for 6 years? Why not lifetime? Is he going to get better in 6 years or something?

  26. Who is forcing you? Ooo I see you want to be a memeber of society but not follow the rules set by the majority. Have two options can comply interact with society a reap the reward a joint communal effort brings you know well built homes, electrical grids , professionals for anything you ever need. Or you can fuck off to the woods and live on your own.

  27. Do you also have issues with seat belts? Rope made by for-profit car companies to restrain my freedom to drive standing up!

  28. Oh yes. The Ol’ let’s wait till Covid is over and he can get licensed again. Well they said it people, Covid ends in another 6 years…

  29. So he can pedal pseudo cures and work under the table for 6 years and then jump right back onto the pony again? I noticed this conversation with a lot of the anti-vaxers who lost their jobs because they didn't want to vaccinate. I heard people asking when they'd drop the mandate so they could just go back to their old jobs again

  30. I heard some of the same stuff from people who had to leave. Our leadership thought of that and have now added a vaccination requirement in all contracts. Surprise-you’re not coming back, plaguers!

  31. The part about this that hose people don't understand is that their positions are being filled. People are getting promotions etc etc. We lost a few people in high positions at my job and if we dropped the mandate tomorrow, those people would get met with a sorry but your spot has been filled. Take care.

  32. We had one of these types in the UK, you may have heard of him: Andrew Wakefield, the one who started all the bullshit about the MMR jab causing autism so he could get the vaccine he's invested in pushed forward as an alternative. He was simply struck off the medical register for his fraud and fled to the US where he did very well preaching similar garbage to the vast community of dense twats over there.

  33. Prison? No prison just “come on baby, you know better than that. You gotta love those patients! Let’s see how you’re doing in 8 years… nah. Make it six.”

  34. Considering that (a) this is an Australian news outlet (b) reporting on an Australian doctor (c) in Australia I would say charges will be filed on the 30th of February.

  35. I am an Australian and everything you said is false. Find better news sources, because the ones you're using are making you look pretty silly.

  36. Suddenly science can’t be questioned. It used to be question everything but it has become a consensus. This is dystopia

  37. Science self corrects. And im sure a lot of scientists way smarter than us peer reviewed the shit out of vaccines.

  38. Asking science the same question over and over until you get the answer you want isn't the same as scientific inquiry.

  39. If the Dr. is merely talking about it idk if there's anything you can do. If they offer you (or someone you know) illegal practices, ie fake vaccination cards, there might be something you can do. In the US if it's a doctor affiliated with a hospital I would submit a complaint to the hospital's ethics review board or disciplinary committee. If that doesn't work, try to contact the State Medical Board.

  40. Seems like a very lax punishment, forbidden from medical practice for six years, he already had his license suspended in 2017

  41. It's been suspended since 2017 when this inquiry first started. He asked for a delay so he could get a stronger case together and they said they would only grant it if he voluntarily de-registered himself first. It was supposed to be for two weeks but lasted over four years, and now it's been extended another six.

  42. He's not delusional. He's evil. He doesn't believe the vaccines are bad he just wants to make money.

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