I don't even remember exactly what I asked the barber for, but this is definitely not what I meant...

  1. I came to the comments and I was not disappointed. This is by far the funniest comment I’ve read on Reddit in a while. Wish I knew how to go about giving awards and shit.

  2. I honestly dont know to explain it but You like the 3rd guy in the 3 man group of friend to main love interest of a princess in a medieval cartoon.

  3. He has all his teeth and doesn’t have the pox - he’ll have no problem finding a nice tavern wench to settle down with and crank out twenty kids before dying at the ripe old age of forty-five.

  4. What did the barber do wrong in a technical way? Probably thought he or she could get away with less volume or what?

  5. It really does look perfectly bad. It has that ironic e-girl hair style to it, not sure if that’s what you’d want as a fully grown man, but great if you’re trying to start up a tiktok I guess

  6. "Judy, please be a good girl and file these! Oh, and at 2pm, when the representatives from Texaco arrive, first serve the coffee, then the whiskey. Be a doll and get that in this pretty head of yours already. Btw, new hair? Really goes well with your pencil skirt!"

  7. In my opinion you see a barber for a clipper cut and hair stylist for everything else. Go to a hairstylist and I bet you leave with something great.

  8. Shave the beard, dye the top blonde, then you'll be able to get away with holding your sword up and yelling "by the power of grayskull I have the powerrrrr!"

  9. You look like the guy that does Internetcommentetiquette’ ads with him, but also wearing a Winona Ryder wig

  10. A lot of dudes in my high school (96-99) had that exact haircut when they tried to grow their hair out for long shaggy hair. Mostly starting around my senior year. It was a rough year. By my first year of college most guys had worked it out tho 🤣

  11. I told you on your post yesterday to shave your head but keep your ponytail. You’d still be able to post the end result on

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