Have we been told anything?

  1. JC5 feels like a pipe dream now. I know Avalanche are working on that game for Gamepass (or it might’ve already released). Especially considered JC4’s reception, I wouldn’t bet on a JC5

  2. JC is still a valuable IP so I wouldn't write it off. if they choose not to carry on with the franchise, they could sell the IP for extra cash and maybe then we could get a JC5. whether it'd be good or not would depend on which studio develops it

  3. jc5 was confirmed already by the company. and rico set it up at the end of 4 by discovering the agency had their hands in the previous dictators and regimes and vows to take them down. it’s probably still years away but the game in spirit is already set up. it’s just a matter of making it.

  4. nothing concrete so far. I'd recommend playing red faction guerilla remastered - finished it yesterday and it was a lot of fun. the game partially scratched my just cause itch

  5. Just Cause 4 didn't satisfy their expectations in twrms of money, so I don't think it will come out just yet.

  6. if i had to guess id say maybe in the next 3 years we could hear something about jc5. i also feel like jc5 is going to be the last just cause which would suck

  7. well..... Rico Rodriguez is getting older and older so it will probably be the last one. Tom sheldon himself has already become an old man so we will probably have a white haired rico

  8. Was sorta off-handedly hinted at in an interview but that’s nothing to really go off of, I will 10 years if it means we get a great jc game again

  9. I think they've been working on just cause mobile all this time. Just Cause Mobile is out for download now, so they could be working on JC5 or some other project and not told us yet.

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