Surprising no one ... Poll: Liberal Women Experience Worst Mental Health of All Demographics

  1. Could it be when you have a philosophical orientation that identifies the world as an eternal power struggle and you are the perpetual victim, your level of anxiety and depression levels skyrocket?

  2. Man! It's so simple huh!? The world consists of power struggles regardless of philosophy. I mean, just look at the lobsters, that'll tell you everything there is to know.

  3. I’m not sure what the correlation between these things is supposed to be. Fascist ideology was straightforwardly and explicitly presented as an eternal struggle, but I don’t recall any instances of widespread fascist depression. Nor do I rest understand what you mean about liberal women thinking they’re in a perpetual power struggle. If anything, they just note many of the ways in which the society they live in is awful to them (banning abortion, for instance).

  4. I think most people have an anecdote of a relative or acquaintance who went utterly woke for the worse. My GF’s sister is a train wreck. She got a degree in education and dropped out of her free masters program because she decided she hates kids. She spent a year applying for the Disney college program, then quit after a week because she couldn’t get along with coworkers. Last Christmas, she blew up at the dinner table over some social issue and refused to speak to the family. She’s chopped her hair off, gained weight, heavily medicated, and constantly calls my GF crying because she’s suicidal. The whole thing’s a disaster area.

  5. What in the fuck Jesus someone needs some help. But in my experience dealing with an ex who is a “feminist”, even in therapy the therapist is somehow at fault and therapy doesn’t “work” for them.

  6. Liberal women are taught to covet masculine traits and despise feminine traits. Of course their mental health is suffering when they are being manipulated by their role models.

  7. As a man, my whole life I’ve been taught to work hard if I want to achieve anything. If I want to own a home or have a wife, I would have to earn it. It was made explicitly and implicitly clear that I could never expect this. These are privileges.

  8. Luckily as a woman I wasn’t taught that was ever owed anything just because of my genitals. It’s probably because I was raised mostly by my father and had to grow up fast due to bad life situations. I believe it’s mostly women who grew up with a more privileged upbringing that think like this. Oh the irony.

  9. I work at a university and can confirm this. Girls call each other “queen” all the time, ignore their friends’ realities who are grossly overweight by telling them they’re beautiful, and rail against men who talk to them socially as they try to get to know them. They ask questions like, why are you talking to me? What gives you the right to talk to me? It’s really disgusting.

  10. Yes, all those dastardly Marxists running around destroying western civilization by...trying to make more female CEOs hahaha

  11. Personal anecdote: My sister in law meets all the diagnostic criteria for a woke white liberal woman. She is a miserable bitch. She’s always complaining about something either in her personal life or related to woke politics. She’s so consistently annoying, her bitchiness seems to be a recurrent topic of conversation when my wife and I are driving home from family events. I have speculated that her wokeness is contributing to her miserableness. There is always something that she is outraged by. I can’t imagine living my life like this.

  12. Identity politics has replaced religion as a guiding principle for many. Unfortunately, unlike real religions, it lacks any guiding principles.

  13. Just had some random stranger PM over the Elon retarded shit... typical troll shit, outrage, thinks I'm terrible, blah blah blah... And all I could think is "Man, what an exhausting life to be outraged all the time at everything." Like these people wake up thinking, "Okay what is going to anger the hell out of me today?!"

  14. Just had some random stranger PM over the Elon retarded stuff... typical troll shit, outrage, thinks I'm terrible, blah blah blah... And all I could think is "Man, what an exhausting life to be outraged all the time at everything." Like these people wake up thinking, "Okay what is going to anger the hell out of me today?!"

  15. Just realized that Jenny from Forrest Gump is such an archetypal example of these women. Remember how she also wasted her youth on bullshit matters.

  16. Might be completely unrelated, but several scientific studies also found that vegans are more likely to be depressed. (Most vegans are liberal women in their late teens and 20s.)

  17. This fits with JP's theory of how personality affects political leanings. People with high neuroticism are both more likely to develop mental health issues and more likely to have a bleeding heart politically as they feel everything more negatively.

  18. Well, there have also been hundreds of studies showing that (even though obsessed about it) conservatives have lower IQ's than liberals. The IQ level goes down even lower if the conservative is religious.

  19. Education is the problem. When have you ever heard of the problems the communists have caused? You never do, all you hear is bad nazi Germany, and that is it. You never hear about the mass rapes Russian soldiers did the German women when they were moving thru eastern Germany. Or how Russia killed way more people than Germany.

  20. Probably not such a smart idea to have the demographic with the most mental health issues drive the narrative, either, but I guess they’re also the most vocal.

  21. At the same time independent thinking etc. seems to be the highest aspiration of American women, liberal chicks throw in with the most clannish, domineering, and one-dimensional organization in the world, the US Democratic Leftist Machine. Go figger.

  22. I wonder how much conservatism encourages people to get married vs how many liberal people become conservative after getting married. I used to be way more liberal and started moving more to the right but after getting married, buying a house, thinking more about kids, I’ve become fully conservative.

  23. My colleague is a psychologist. She says she'll take anyone as a client except for lesbians. She said they're impossible to help.

  24. The image of being surrounded by a bunch of thumb-shaped, man-hating purple-haired frumps bellyaching over perceived injustice is so evocative that the punishment could merit its very own special place in Hell.

  25. There is a woman I met in a support group, who called me misogynistic and hypocritical because I wish her a man that treats her like a goddess.

  26. So from what I gathered, if you're a liberal woman you're 20 pts (I'm assuming that is a %) less likely to be married and have a family.

  27. A study also showed 'long Covid" effects middle aged white women more than any other demographic

  28. They should really take a nice long bath then make their husbands a home cooked meal before getting their babies to sleep. That’ll fix ‘em.

  29. This has actually been a pretty well documented phenomenon across multiple studies in recent years. I forget the exact numbers, but there was a study from a reputable source a couple years back that showed that well over half of white liberal women under the age of 30 had been diagnosed with a mental health condition.

  30. Lol if you are looking at wiki as a objective source for anything slightly right I have a bridge to sell you. They are just reporting it, the actual study is not by them so click the link and do your own research instead of just disbelieving or believing based on your personal biases.

  31. It won't be their, their way of life, their conditioning through choice of media, their peer group, echo chambers or their philosophy that's the cause though.

  32. I got a feeling you want to make this political. IT COULD be political. But liberal women by definition will always have worse mental health. Liberals are more liberal by temperament(as you all know), which means they are more prone to experience emotions and also seek out scenarios that are foreign to them. Women will also tend to be more liberal and at the same time be more prone to experience negative emotion.

  33. Nobody is forcing you to be here. You seem to seek out conflict - What does that say about you and the type of women that this article is referring to?

  34. “Given that conservatives aged 18-55 are about 20 percentage points more likely to be married, as well as 18 percentage points more likely to be satisfied with their families, the lesson here is obvious. Marriage and family are strongly linked to happiness and to personal mental health in particular.”

  35. There have also been hundreds of studies showing that (even though obsessed about it) conservatives have lower IQ's than liberals. The IQ level goes down even lower if the conservative is religious.

  36. There haven't been hundreds of such studies, but that has nothing to do with veracity. IQ doesn't correlate with decency, humanity, compassion, or even human insight it's primarily a measure of adaptability and yes ... Leftists have adapted to the Trickster Archetype to get what they want despite its lack of integrity or graciousness.

  37. Agree with this but I will say that I do know quite a few conservative and moderate women that did have bad mental health. The only difference is they are actually trying to make their lives better. They have bad days sometimes, but they make the choice to get better.

  38. How are you deriving that from the poll? This is not a statistical analysis using correlation to arrive at a p value, it's a poll, self reporting poll.

  39. the further a person is from God the greater they will suffer. Swimming against the tide of the world is exhausting , trying to arrange the world to suit ones self just doesn't work.

  40. Yeah, why don't these women worship Hitler like Peterson and his sychophants? Then they would have good psychiatric health like the recent violent offender who was inspired by your dear leader JP and JP himself! I mean why don't these women go to Russia and get put into a coma for a week or two? I'm sure they could solve their problems that way? Huh?

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