Results of ending affirmative action

  1. Part of the resentment expressed over the Biden plan to have taxpayer money cover education loans is the recognition that the students who paid their debt -- engineering, medicine, business, and law students -- were really the only ones qualified to be at university. The pay down will unfairly skew towards students who probably had no place in university to begin with.

  2. It's more than the money. Marxists actively tried to get as many Marxist professors tenured in the colleges as they possibly could to turn them into indoctrination centers. It's no accident that stuff like critical theory and gender studies trace back to Marxism. There are entire fields of study that only exist to turn people into activists.

  3. you take the best. not make racial quotas. there is a reason the chinese economy is overtaking the u.s. economy and the u.s. is relying on sanctions (they plan to sanction the tech sector) to defeat the chinese economy which shows how low the u.s. economy sank in comparison to the chinese economy.

  4. the people that get in because of affirmative action the test scores to qualify but Legacies can have exceptions and often fake their test scores/grades.

  5. So? If the best students test then let it be that way. Every spot you “give” away means someone who “deserved” it can’t go.

  6. That mismatching students to schools only serves to make those who can't keep up fail and feel then inadequate? And pay a pretty penny to do so?

  7. Whatever difference between that and what Affirmative Action has brought represents a bunch of burned-out people who would've been much better enriching some other school.

  8. We should have just went straight to the source of continued racial divide - exclusionary zoning - rather than go after the symptoms with a policy specifically treating races separately.

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