What do you think is history's SHORTEST joke? My submission is Miss Piggy's 2 worder :

  1. I think my inability not to do this when anyone mentions the World Health Organisation contributed significantly to the dissolution of my first marriage.

  2. This is two words in my language, I don't know how to best render it into English, but here we go: “a cross-eyed cyclops!”

  3. You could do it in English but it requires medical terminology. Strabismic Cyclops. I’m sure that is funny to me and about 8 other people out there.

  4. In a similar vein, an IBM bathroom had a THINK sign above the sink. Someone added a sign saying THOAP above the soap dispenser.

  5. I use to work in an office that had a "think" plaque in the bathroom above the sinks. Someone put a label on the soap dispensers "thoap"

  6. IBM handed out desk signs that said "THINK" as an employee inspiration. I have one left by an IBM rep at a site I worked at. The plastic frames were the same colors as the mainfraime exterior panels - mostly IBM blue, some red, and some yellow. The "THIMK" came later, along with the "THINK" that didn't fit inside the frame (like the often seen "think ahead" that didn't fit in it's frame. This was in the era of the 370 mainframes.

  7. Mitch Hedberg, pretending to do the normal meet-and-greet ending to a set: "if you want to talk to me after the show, I'll be.... fuckin' surprised." Two simple words at the end turn it from nothing into something hilarious.

  8. No words does seem like it would be shortest. My dog has been gassy lately and keeps startling himself while sitting on tile. I laugh harder at that than most jokes.

  9. It’s not the fart itself that is comical. It’s when you realize that the sound is due to your ass cheeks flapping in the wind…that’s what makes it hilarious!

  10. Have been checking but without success. I heard both but heard Miss Piggy first so assumed (quite possibly incorrectly) that she was first.

  11. When Dan Castellaneta was singing that as Homer Simpson he was actually trying to spell "smart" and had a genuine flub that they kept

  12. Dwarf shortage. Stationery store moves. Venison's dear isn't it? From Jimmy Carr (might not be original but it's where I heard them)

  13. In first grade there was this one kid who would laugh uncontrollably if you said the word “puddling” so I’m going to go with that one.

  14. There was an old comedian named Jack Benny. He used to tell his best joke with just a look, and it would make everyone roll! Look up Jack Benny.

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