How do you milk sheep?

  1. My 7 year old nephew showed me with pride the "telephone" he had just made from a string and two tin cans. I pulled out my iPhone and said, "That's nice, but...look at what kids your age make in China!"

  2. In Turkey iphone prices are 2500-3000 usd so we milk a whole group of sheeps ig. (Thanks for taxes prices are so high)

  3. Bought the new ASUS ZenFone 9. Nice and small and has a headphone jack. All the capability of most flagship phones. Much cheaper.

  4. Just get the wireless ones fam. Will literally change your life. People hate on it until they actually try it

  5. My S22 Ultra was 1300 base price and got it for 800 bucks with some discounts and deals along with free watch.

  6. But wait there's more. For this one time fee monthly donation of $5 $10 $20 you can get subscribed and we'll even send you a official looking membership card that grants you exclusive access to buy even more merchandise, proudly imported to America by some close family from our, safe from the Librul thieves, overseas supporters.

  7. I played around with an iPhone 14PM in a store. The 1TB variant costs €2140 in our country. I make €800-900 a month. It’s barely any different than my vanilla iPhone 11 which I bought last year.

  8. I'm never paying a lot for a phone because there's always a way not to. But let's step back. Regardless of cost to make the phone, what the company is profiting off it, whatever, what that phone (basically any smart phone) can do for what it costs is amazing.

  9. It is amazing but you have to consider what the incremental functions are compare yo previous models/other products. It is a market afterall.

  10. Like take pictures? Most people just use their phones to contact people and social media. Functionalities that have been available since the first generation of phones

  11. $1500, my man you’re getting screwed. Us sheep know to trade in our 13s for 14s for like a $100.00

  12. I had a convo with the teenage son of a friend of mine, who considered Apple to be a "Bad company' because they stopped bundling chargers in with their phones.

  13. I stopped doing that when i was a kid. Went to milk a bull once and right after was needed to wash my teeth.

  14. Man I clicked on this without reading the sub and was actually looking for some sheep milking info, google it is

  15. Or tell them you are going to build a wall and charge it to Mexico…but only if you can donate money to get it “started.”

  16. I bought my Father in Law a OnePlus Nord 20 I think it is. My gosh that thing is nice. I am so pissed that I spent $500 more for a Mini 13. Super buyers remorse.

  17. I mean for me personally, I don’t like Google because every time I get heavily invested in one of their products they send it to the Google Graveyard (See Stadia as their latest victim). Realistically the iPhone for me just works without me having to tweak anything on it. It was just part of a greater move to Apple items at home because as all of their products generally work pretty well together and I can use them as utilities rather than having to fight interoperability between products like I was doing when I had Android, Windows, and iOS all running in the house with various other things.

  18. Faster processor, better camera, better display, emergency signaling system, better battery life, etc. If I were you, with a working 11, I wouldn't buy a new one. But for me, I buy a new phone every 4 to 5 years. Don't mind spending a bit of coin when I do to get better hardware and innovations.

  19. Yes, but the community at large isn't interested in it. That's why the first one failed and Samsung emails me daily for my trade in. I have never personally seen people living in tents for an Android.

  20. Then bring out a new Android phone, remove all the features on it that you’ve been making fun of Apple for the last year for removing, then charge the same amount but give the users a significantly shorter supported OS time.

  21. Free photo storage for 'life'! Stopped after the 4A. Not sure what my next phone will be but I have 4-5 years to figure that out.

  22. Iphone is doing that plus more buddy. They even peeking on your phone to see if anything illegal is happening. If they deem it, they'll send Police to your house. Good luck.

  23. Man , Reddit is mostly android people apparently, a phone is a phone. Go over to the iPhone subreddits and everyone is just chilling discussing their device but android people need us iPhone people to know they’re better than us apparently. Cuz Samsung makes the screeeeeens dontchaknow.

  24. How do you trigger android fanboys? Let them know the new Samsung or Pixel they just bought costs the same or more with less than half the support or reliability.

  25. I don't think there is the same culture for the need to have the newest iPhone in the Android community. I love my Galaxy s10e with no intention of buying a phone every year like many Apple users do.

  26. I'd pay $1500 to have a computer in my pocket idk about y'all, I don't even own an iPhone 😂 clearly they're not made for the people that don't use their phones for more than making calls.

  27. Stop buying flagship phones then. There are much more capable devices that doesn't need $1.5k and can do as much as the current iPhone. You can even buy the last generation one as well and you wouldn't notice the difference.

  28. Yeah, Android users NEVER talk about their phones. Unless someone happens to mention that they have an iPhone, in which case they won’t shut the fuck up about it.

  29. I dunno man, 4K at 60 frames on the new 14 Pro Max look insane when compared to my friends galaxy S21 ultra. But overall everyone makes really nice cameras so no one is missing out.

  30. anyone who doesn't have one always feels the need to talk about them as much as possible, living rent free in your head is it?

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