#1801 - David Mamet - The Joe Rogan Experience

  1. His prosperity rant was complete bs. From talking about the tree, to ju jitsu and how people are worried about losing weight. My man, children are literally food insecure in your country, young adults are barely getting by, people are hurting, and you're ranting about how we have it too good.

  2. 10 min. in: " other than the Nazi regime, ONLY leftist governments/individuals were dictators" " You can't have morals if you're an atheist"

  3. Just give me 5 minutes with Joes twitter feed. I need to know what he’s seeing that informs his whole worldview

  4. Meanwhile religious dictator Putin slaughtering civilians in the west because he think's the west has fallen to depravity with it's atheism and porn and gays in the militairy.

  5. I like how joe pushed back on some of the more egregious complaints from Mamet here. That one about the cop who quit because of a waitress asking to see his vax card was particularly nice. I’m disappointed in Mamet at how standard issue “Fox watching Boomer” was. I like almost all of what he’s done.

  6. Literally none of his stories ever happened. Sounds like my grandpa when he makes up what he imagines to be "plausible" stories, yet no one is buying it.

  7. Yeah after listening a bit further I’m noticing a trend where they start on a topic, Mamet repeats some sort of talking point you typically see on short conservative news segments or social media, and then when Rogan pokes fun at the absurdity of a statement or questions him to expand upon his claim he finds a way to steer the convo somewhere else.

  8. It's like he wants to be a conspiracy theorist but he's too lazy to even learn the talking points so he just complains about things very vaguely.

  9. I’m not sure Mamet knows what he’s talking about himself. He seemed to have a hard time connecting thoughts and there were a few pauses when I thought the app froze, but nope, just a Mamet brain fart

  10. Like when David casually alluded to the idea that racism somehow doesn’t exists and you “can’t point to it” then Joe called him out and he never explained himself… like wtf?

  11. 5 minutes in and I'm hearing him blame climate science and trans issues on people not reading the bible. I'm gonna assume it doesn't get better after this.

  12. The only thing as annoying as overly performative woke shit, is overly performative anti-woke shit. We get it, nobody can arrest you for saying retard; but saying potentially offensive things just because you have a persecution complex is pretty retarded.

  13. This happens every time Joe presses him on anything. He's says idk. Then why the hell did you make the statement then dummy?

  14. This is the worst podcast I've ever heard. Guy was clearly a bit stupid and had no points, I don't know who he is but he should never have been on. An old guy rambling but being wrong about everything.

  15. I think the worst one ever was with the guy who would NOT stop talking. Joe kept trying to ask questions, but the guy said he couldn’t hear or something… idk…

  16. Spotify is the absolute WORST podcast player on the planet. I'm a software engineer and I couldn't tell you how to write code so bad that by skipping an ad, it crashes the app, then starts playing a random JR episode. JFC get your shit together Spotify!

  17. I’m not denying that some people have trouble with the Spotify app, I see complaints all the time. But I’ve never encountered any of these issues. It’s become my main app

  18. You didn't have to edit your post. Everybody knew what you meant and 99% agree with you, but the internet was a little bit better when you called Spotify a podcast.

  19. This podcast has become a platform for old rich guys to come on and rant about the woke this and Marxist that

  20. Hey Joe the reason that Orwell depicted authoritarian regimes as right wing is because he was left wing and saw the dangers in being a reactionary.

  21. Later on, "kids these days don't want to have sex". He went full boomer and came out the other side. From people fuck too much to people don't fuck enough.

  22. Does Spotify glitch/crash for anyone else every time you want to pause it during video? How is it this bad still lol

  23. David Mamet started taking jiu jitsu classes and made a fucking movie about jiu jitsu before he even got his blue belt. Jiu jitsu people will recognize this personality type - the guy who gets a tattoo of the gym logo the first month. Probably tries to give himself cauliflower ear too. Nice beanie, bud. He’s got some nerve talking about people’s susceptibility to cult thinking.

  24. Yeah apparently this guy wrote a script for Malcolm X. But spike lee rejected it. I would be very curious to see what was in it lol

  25. For a Jew with a supposed enlightened view on the world and a worship of the torah and its teachings, he sure seems like quite the angry man.

  26. How such a brilliant writer can also be a massive fucking moron. I don’t know, I guess it’s age, either way, bullshit episode stay away folks

  27. He forgot Francos Spain, Imperial Japan, most of the Balkan that lived under a fascist appointeted despot. He's made a lot of opinions on shit you can research in like 5 minutes lol..

  28. This guy said that Japanese Americans were put into internment camps by FDR (which was bad) BUT German Americans were left alone in NYC because they were white.. I don’t know specifically what instance he’s speaking of but overall his statement is false.

  29. I think he’s speaking about ww2 only. Meaning at the time, Japanese Americans were treated much worse than German Americans. Not comparing ww2 to ww1 like you did

  30. He never said Woodrow Wilson put Japanese-Americans in internment camps. He was first talking about WW1 and then quickly moved on to WW2.

  31. Does he not realize that the Japanese bombed US soil, the Germans did not. So one can understand that in hindsight yes?

  32. I love how Joe sees California as this crazy, despotic hellhole but Texas has done more to take away individual freedoms in the past two years.

  33. Joe’s latest handful of guests have been really average to poor episodes. Can we get less weird fringe guys who pretend to be smarter than they are? This guy just sounds like a conservative Guru lol

  34. Seems like a red flag that any time he talks about an acquaintance that happens to be black, he makes sure you know that that person is black regardless to the relevance of their race to the story he’s telling.

  35. I think this is my favorite version of Joe. Not hesitating to call bullshit and forcing the guest to explain themselves. It’s just that Mamet can’t explain himself nearly at all. Like he just has these beliefs but can’t substantiate them. Like most old men conservatives I know.

  36. This guys is like a prager U soundboard but made by a 75 year old man who didn’t really understand the concepts he’s repeating.

  37. This guy clearly never touched a drug in his life. Seems to be an intellectual Jewish dude who thinks he has shit figured out because he spends the majority of his time reasoning/talking/debating with middle of the road rabbi’s who have 0 life experience outside of their faith.

  38. I had high hopes when I read the guy was a playwright, film maker, and author. But this is pretty unbearable, ngl.

  39. Man - Joe is having to go on overdrive to keep The Mammoth from all the tangents he goes on after every point he makes.

  40. It’s such a ludicrous point of view. As if college didn’t cost money. How can something that costs you an arm and a leg and potentially a lifetime of debt be a free handout?

  41. Its all bible talk glorifying jebus and the bible as the source of answers to all of modern life's issues.

  42. Hour in, subpar so far…I feel as though a lot of Mamet’s “points” fall very short and haven’t even been thought through/researched thoroughly, if at all

  43. I don’t think he directly answers any of the pushback that Joe gives. It’s all tangents and anecdotes. Almost like he has no idea why he believes what he does.

  44. This guy was a fucking nut bag. Incredible how some one could live to that age and be wrong on every topic he discussed.

  45. I am psyched for this episode. Mamet has written some of my favorite plays ever. Fingers crossed it’s not some looney shit haha

  46. I’ve always liked David Mamet’s films and had no idea he was such a bigoted, extreme right-wing asshole - fucken disappointing. Good news is that Joe on several occasions has pushed back and even scoffed at some of his lame- ass stories & anecdotes.

  47. As painful as it’s been I’m actually powering through the rest of the pod because it’s been refreshing to watch Joe check him every couple of minutes when he says something dumb.

  48. I find it interesting a lot of people seemed to have noticed dude doing that. I mean I think we covered every hot button issue that people argue about before they were even an hour in.

  49. I’d pay $1 for that one. A true fire and brimstone preacher for 4 hours might be the Eddie Bravo episode we didn’t know we needed.

  50. It really is circling the drain now, where did he get this bellend from? Probably another suggestion from Joes 'inner circle'.

  51. ABC… Always Be Crazy… we’ll, that’s not how the line is supposed to go. Damn, this one’s a tough listen. The “college is welfare” but didn’t make any sense as all. Fortunately Joe was calling that out as stupid. It sounds like he’s horribly out of touch with how college is being paid for. It looks like around 8% of students are on a scholarship. He also talks like everyone is going to a liberal arts school. 75% of people go to public schools.

  52. 10 minutes in and the talk about Bible translation and both already have it completely wrong. Joe's saying translation of a translation of a translation of a etc... And that's simply not the case. Current translations happen from the oldest existing texts that are corroborated from other sources as well. He'll, even I'm footnotes they'll tell you in most bibles if there is any discrepancy or controversy in the passages being references.

  53. Why is an aging playwright and an aging comedian getting into a science discussion? Why is he even on? One of the more random guests I've ever seen on JRE.

  54. I find it hilarious that after reading through some of the comments, people are still confused as to what the left and the right stand for. And yet, sides are already chosen and we're off to the races arguing. Ya'll really are doing what the powers that be dreamed of.

  55. So I'm 20 minutes in. This guy just said Donny Jr. comes from an extraordinary family, is a good thinker and a wonderful speaker.

  56. 50 minutes in. They’ve already touched on a ton of controversial subjects. Mamet clearly falls on the conservative side of the aisle on most of them. Joe repeatedly has made attempts to get him to expand on his ideas after he’s already made a few large generalizations, but before Rogan can get him to really flesh out his position on one issue, the conversation seems to shift to the next topic. Probably gonna finish this one just out of curiosity.

  57. Don't worry Jimmy Dore, Krystal Ball, Glen Greenwald and Kyle Kulinsky are coming up. Also some of the more reasonable leftists like Tim Pool

  58. Joe is so rich and influencial! (Not a bad thing) that I bet for example he knows someone that he for some reason admire they work and instantly wants to share with his audience , this guy seems to be an example . (Glengarry and Glen Ross is a great movie and aparently he does jiu jitsu).

  59. This is probably the worst episode of JRE post episodes 100ish. I didn’t watch before that.

  60. Republicans are literally the definition of a death cult. The Republican anti-vax movement literally murdered hundreds of thousands of their own.

  61. Easily the worst first half hour of any podcast episode I have ever listened to. Might as well as brought on my pillow guy and let him rant. Im getting close to where im going to stop even trying to listen.

  62. Always find it funny when out of touch people get together and talk about how people need to live. Got two senior citizens who are both wealthy, talking about go be a plumber. Bitch. R u A pLuMbER???? Mfers break their backs in literal shit for dog shit wages. These millenials and Genzers you are shitting on followed YOUR generations rules and advice of going to school and then they got out drowning in debt in a dead job market that doesn’t wanna pay these so called “essential” workers SHIT. You old fucks are all the same, you’re dying, you become conservative because you’re afraid and established and want to cling to your wealth, meanwhile, the system is broken and corrupt beyond belief at the hands of YOUR OWN generation, then you wanna get mad when the young want to tear it apart!? If you’re so historically literate, tell me, why/when do revolutions happen????? Mhmm.

  63. It's sad when a person doesn't appear to have anyone to say, "Hey, Dave, you're sayin 'blah blah blah' a lot." You want to have a partner in this life who will tell you when you got spinach in your teeth.

  64. I had to turn this one off. Bullshit opinions with zero logical arguments or examples to defend them. He just comes off as stupid.

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