4x4 wojak compass featuring types of anti-Semitism (fixed so that it's not an agenda post that calls Jews themselves anti-Semitic)

  1. Yeah actually, that's right. He forgot the Z crowd. They were talking about "Denazifying" a country with a Jewish president, and then Lavrov said that Hitler was Jewish or some other insanity to justify his belief... Oh, and Orbàn. Orbàn belongs on the compass too. And I would actually put two different Arabs-- the Islamic Fundamentalist and the Arab Nationalist. Those are two very different ideologies. The Taliban and Al-Assad both hate Jews, but they are very different versions of AuthRight.

  2. "ThE hOlOdOmOr WaSnT DeLiBeRaTe Or A GeNoCiDe" smfh like why tf is the Donbass filled with Russians when in the 20s its was filled with Ukrainians? Where the fuck are thr Crimean Tatars in Crimea? Why are the Kalmyks in Siberia?!

  3. I once talked to a guy talking about the wooden doors so I sent him an image of a wooden door where you can see the wooden door but in the room the wooden door leads to is a large steel door that looks like it belongs on a submarine and he pretended like that door wasnt there

  4. BHI aren’t libleft. They are extremely socially conservative. And I don’t think they have strong economic opinions as a group. And there are Islamic groups like the PLO that are socialist in ideology.

  5. The political compass only cover economics and government not culture, the SapplyValues test has a bar beside the political compass to show how progressive or conservative one is

  6. The problem is that left and right dont really work for Jew hatred. Some on the left love Hamas even over Fatah and PLFP which are antisemitic but actually left wing. Some on the left, particularly Black Power orgs have sometimes allied themselves with Arab Nationalists, Islamists, White Supremecists against Jews. Anti-Business is on the left but those people are left and right and center. Its vaguely related to the original political compass but it doesnt even have labeled axi's. It just seems like a collection of stereotypes of anti-semites that are vaguely associated with the left-right lib-auth spectrum.

  7. Technically the word is philosemite, which you hopefully aren’t. Usually has a real thing for Jewish women (telling me I sound like Fran Drescher and “shrill in a good way” is not a compliment)

  8. It's a common thing in southeast Asia. They have pretty much no Jewish presence but they know from other people (western businessmen) that jews are highly educated, very rich, and focus a lot on family connections. Rather than view this as a threat, some people in these cultures then think of Jews as a people that they should aspire to, since these are positive values in their societies. There's books about "how to raise your children like Jews" and "20 Jewish secrets to business" in Vietnam and China and other places.

  9. The thing about philosemitism is that too often it is based on the same stereotypes for which Jews are often given negative associations. For example, where one person sees a “smart successful Jew who made it in the banking world”, another person sees a “greedy nepotistic Jew who controls all the banks”. Where one person sees a “good, devoted Jew who sincerely believes in his/her god”, another person sees a “fascinatingly misguided Jew who hasn’t seen the Truth yet”. Where one person sees a “hardworking Jew who built his country with the resources he had in a land of conflict”, another person sees an “evil colonizing Jew needlessly displacing Palestinians”. I sincerely hope that your admiration for us is based off of personal experiences that give you that respect, because too often in history any philosemitism based on a perceived group characteristic is easily manipulable into hatred.

  10. Everyone hates CNN. I don't think they've won any friends by being "centrist". It just means the right-wingers think they're commies and left-wingers think they're just Great Value Fox News.

  11. It included eight examples total, and seven of them were right-wing American anti-semites while one, just one, was left-wing American antisemites. Zero mention of Islamic fundamentalists, which comprise the largest group of antisemitic thought in 2022.

  12. Why TF do these sickos keep conflating anti-pedophilia with antihomosexuality unprompted if they're trying to defend homosexuality? It's like how if you ever say anything about Drag Queen Story Hour, you always get some pedokike trying to call you transphobic.

  13. He belongs to a group, prolly center, of people who associate with antimites and defend them w/o being anti-semitic themselves. Ot self-hating Jew but he just to me seems naive not self-hating.

  14. It’s a small group in America. They believe black people are the real Hebrews, and the Jews are imposters that stole their identity. They are actually Christian; they believe Jesus is the messiah. While they are a very small group, their beliefs have influenced many people in black American communities, both on the left and right.

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