I really hate Duh-Witt

  1. Dumb shit Dimwitt has given us some great content, but really, I just hate this motherf**ker. I've never seen someone lie as much as this asshole. Here's some classic Jeremyisms:

  2. Yeah, I feel the same way, I just pray 🙏whatever money that gets made about Dipshit is given to charities, and the court order barring him from profit in any form from his shenanigans is made permanent

  3. Seriously, I know he's given us laughs, but he really is just a f**king ball bag that needs his ass severely beaten

  4. So you don't like Jeremy Dewitt, that's fine - but how do you feel about Brett Eldon Solomon, Jay Dewitte, Jeremy Omar Charles Dewitte, Jeremy Charles Dewitte-Vogt, and (as he's known on the

  5. I agree Ihave never hated someone I haven't met so much! But ever time he said with all do respect or thats neither here or there I wanted and still want to punch his FACE!

  6. I think we'd have a loooooooong line of people wanting to punch him. Personally, I'd pay to just have a good, hard, unobstructed kick to his junk. Like punting a football. I just want one good kick! Please Lord, I am begging you!!!

  7. I can’t watch more than 2min of DimWitte at a time, that annoying bitch voice and the utter shit that comes out his mouth makes me wanna punch his face through my computer monitor.

  8. For sure, I can't wrap my head around how nobody has beat the living shit out of this fcker before. I know if he pounded on the hood of my car he would get an ass slumping, make him rethink about doing that again.

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