Post-Game Thread Jaguars vs Ravens

  1. I thought FOR SURE that tucker FG was automatic. Sooooooo happy we got this win. Trevor, Hasty, and Zay deserved this one.

  2. They always do. Fuck 'em. When we start being good week-in and week-out they'll call us shit fans. Same as in 2017.

  3. I was going to be sad if they didn't get the 2pt conversion, but I was never going to question the call. That was absolutely the right decision and I fucking love how perfect that throw was to Zay

  4. Trevor was on fire. Their D was gassed. We had all the momentum in the world. It made sense and I was ready to defend Dougy P if it didn’t work out.

  5. Never been so happy with a win in quite some time, it looked real bad in the third after that fumble. Insane game, best game of the year I’ve watched imo including prime time games

  6. On a sunday late afternoon in a inconspicuous home in LA, a tv can be heard in the background, with cheering and celebrating emanating from it. A small, yet very stocky man, sits in a reclining chair facing the tv. A small tear can be seen running down the mans cheek, and a prideful smile slowly appears on his face. He had given up hope on this team, but something had just happened that gave him hope once again. The man is Maurice Jones-Drew, and without a care in the world at this small moment in time, he says to himself: “How bout them Jags…”

  7. Our receivers looked completely different in that last drive, making multiple insane catches. Our guys are hungry for wins.

  8. I don't know exactly how it works but I think because of the late start time a lot of people across the country got to watch the last ten minutes of that game. My parents who are nowhere near Baltimore or Jacksonville said they watched the end. I bet there will be a lot of talk about it this week.

  9. On behalf of all bengals fans, we are all jags fans on this day. Thank you, and also Pedersen has an absolute hog on him going for 2 there

  10. Hopefully MJJ doesn't leave the Jags next year. He has made so many incredible highlight reel catches in the past year. Whatever FO can do they need to give him some type of deal to stay.

  11. Jags beat the ravens. I live in Baltimore and had a big viewing party and am just now getting around to checking this sub but jags beat the ravens!

  12. I was one of the ones starting to turn on Trevor. He's really building into a good QB and has looked downright great the last few weeks. Happy to eat crow on this one!

  13. Hard fought win right there! Trevor locked in on that comeback drive holy smokes 😮 & credit to the D for keeping us hanging in there all game

  14. What a comeback! Doug with balls of steel with that call. Probably the scariest camera shot on that fg kick. Looked good up to the very end.

  15. This was the coming out day for Trevor everyone has been waiting for. It has some rough moments and some ugly plays early, but holy shit that was fun to watch him out it together in the 4th qtr

  16. I thought going for 2 was dumb but then I forgot to Zay Jones was a God today. Get the man the ball was the right call

  17. The most impressive part is that Trevor won this game without any help from the running attack. Can’t wait to see Darrell Henderson and hopefully ETN comes back healthy

  18. I KNEW Doug would go for 2 if they scored a TD at the end, I'm pleasantly surprised it was successful. Full Disclosure: I'm an Eagles fan who knows how much Doug likes going for it!

  19. Holy shit Trevor was fucking MONEY. I was really down on him during that stretch of games where he was looking rough, but I've never been happier to be wrong.

  20. Can’t wait for the talking point from the haters to be, “should we be worried about Trevor because he has two fumbles?”

  21. Lol crazy and ain’t happening but titans lose to eagles and we beat lions we control our destiny to win the division

  22. You just have to be buzzing right now. The stadium was rockin with energy, T-Law put together (I don’t even think arguably) the best drive in a Jags uni, and, however shallow - national media is finally giving Trev his flowers.

  23. yeah, I saw the result before I saw the kick on my stream, but watching it, the kick looked like it was going to be good.

  24. God damn kicking a squib to the greatest kicker of all time was a stupefying decision. Thank god he missed but jesus christ.

  25. Alright, sorry about this, but we have to set up a Go Fund Me so my BiL can go to every game. We win anytime that SoB walks in that stadium.

  26. That’s seriously a francise changing win. The confidence and morale in that locker has gotta be sky high rn

  27. There’s only enough room for one Jackson and it definitely ain’t you Lamar… it’s our banana hammock wearing mascot.

  28. I’m still shaking lmao. This was the star making performance I’ve been waiting for. Absolutely heroic game for Trevor.

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