What's wrong with this map (10 things wrong) (answer in comments)

  1. The Baltic's are 1 country, Austria-Hungary and Czecho Slovakia are back, Portugal is has all of Spain's West coast, and Ireland has all of the island.

  2. united baltics, no sicily, Czechoslovakia, Austro-Hungary, united Ireland, portugal has galicia, kosovo doesn't look too fresh, sweden-russia border, Constantinople, no Africa

  3. Portugal isn’t that big Northern Ireland is part of the uk Greece took over something something’s wrong with one of the Nordic countries and there’s more that I can see aren’t right but I don’t know the name of the place

  4. Sweden too much land, united ireland, Portugal has Galicia, Belgium has Luxembourg, Austria Hungary, chzechoslovakia, no Sicily, Kosovo too large, Liechtenstein is gone, united baltics

  5. I think I have 9. Greece has Thrace, Portugal has Galicia, The Sea has Sicily, Ireland has Northern Ireland, Baltic Union, Greater Albania, Czechoslovakia, Austria-Hungary, Belgium has Luxembourg.

  6. The baltic nations are united and also have Kaliningrad, Portugal has Galicia, Ireland has northern Ireland, Austria-Hungary exists, Czechoslovakia exists, parts of Finland and Sweden are gone(Norway took Sweden's missing territory, and Sweden took Finland's missing territory), and Sicily is gone.

  7. Northern Ireland is missing, the Baltic states have been merged together,Portugal took some land of Spain, Sicily is gone, Austria and Hungary are together, Czechoslovakia is back, Greece goes too far over to Turkey, Sweden stole some of Finland’s land, Russia is missing Kaliningrad, Luxembourg is gone, AND Morocco is not on the map. 11 things total

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