Just look how awesome this car is!

  1. Looks like it might not even be a real GTR. Look at the gap between the trunk and rear bumper. The doors look too short to me. And overall it looks too tall and boxy. Could just be me, but it looks like a possible kit car. Nobody just removes brembo 4 piston calipers.

  2. Oem nismo Z wheels are 750$ a pop, so about 3k a set, the wheels he has start at 4K a set, they’re custom 2 piece forged wheels from corsa, not saying I like them, but def not “rep” wheels.

  3. the car looks fine, could maybe work a bit more on the fitment but otherwise looks ok. still kinda shitty that people downvote others who genuinely like the car💀

  4. That's probably the hottest R35 I've ever seen. Body not over done, the black roof continuing into the back window, the tint, the nismo 370z rims, just the right amount of camber, and the tan paintjob. Wow.

  5. GTR was cool when it came out like 15 years ago, now it looks pretty bloated and outdated, can't knock the launch control technology it came with though.

  6. Yes. That E85 pump truly IS awesome. Thank you for sharing. The car in the photo looks like a Nissan somebody’s estranged girlfriend decided to decorate for revenge. Essentially, a dumpster full of tires on fire, floating down a flooded river. I can honestly say even if this car were given to me, I’d pass instantly.

  7. Ruined a GTR. Normally I think, to each their own.. but, not when it comes to stance on track cars. Just get a VW if you want to use 30% of the tread on your tires. That level of camber should be illegal as it's very unsafe on the road much less track where that car belongs.

  8. Funny how their are dozens of people hating on the camber and wheels in general when in reality known of them will ever be able to afford one of these

  9. This is the weakest argument I’ve ever heard. You don’t have to be able to afford something to dislike it, all you need are your eyes and a bit of logic.

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