Gazan laborer arrested while planning to bomb bus in southern Israel, Shin Bet says

  1. Nah, Hamas knows that this will hurt the work permit programs which could help make economic and personal ties between Gazans and Israelis. The point of shit like this is to hurt his people.

  2. So every time Hamas needs a popularity boost they can just send someone with a work permit over the border with a knife? No thanks. How about keep the border open but freeze all work permits from this guy's neighborhood? Then drop fliers there so everyone can know that all of Gaza can keep working in Israel except for them, thanks to this guy

  3. Yeah, like if we are talking about workforce, then Israel have a huge number of Russian and Ukrainian olims who can replace arabs and not thinking about blowing up smth or someone...

  4. They should fire all the Palestinian Colleagues of that guy and give them the home Adress of the terrorist, so they can get their wage from the terrorist family.

  5. What will that message be? That terror works at undoing any progress toward unity and reconciliation between Israel and Palestine?

  6. Hamas gets money from Qatar and power from Palestinians as long as it wages terror war. They are alive as long as this terror war is small enough to elicit minimal response from Israel.

  7. Ignorant question here; why do Gazans need to come into Israel to work? Why don’t they start their own enterprises at home? Could Israel invest in civilian businesses in Gazan communities, to leverage themselves out of poverty? Which is in everyone’s interest, no? Or is it impossible due to ethnic hatred etc.

  8. Gazans need to go to Israel to work because they have no resources to start businesses in Gaza, and no access to the international community to start successful businesses. This is due to the Israeli and Egyptian blockade against Gaza. That is due to Hamas rule in Gaza. That is due to resentment and instability following the IDF pullout from Gaza. That was due to Ariel Sharon’s hope that Israel could withdraw from the Palestinian territories and let the Palestinians figure out their own government. That was due to the failure of previous peace deals to get off the ground. That is due to long-standing hatred between Israelis and Palestinians on national lines inflamed by religious tensions, in a conflict that goes back so long that pointing fingers does no one any good. That’s why Gazans can’t work.

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