Play stupid games...

  1. When I was 10 me and my friends found a big piece of styrofoam in the woods. We invented a game where we’d throw the thing in the air while holding knives and the first one to stab it mid air wins. I still have a scar on my wrist from that lol

  2. You could’ve chosen ANYTHING else to throw, like a shoe, a hat, an empty soda can at least. Why would you choose a brick??? Something that people have used to kill each other with?

  3. yeah that cry of pain and terror sounded pretty legit. imagine what it must feel like to crush something in your spine in such a stupid way.

  4. Remember when fewer people were seeking internet clout by posting ridiculous crap like this? Don't get me wrong, I'll rubberneck with the best of em, but seriously. There are some real geniuses out there these days entertaining the masses with their expansive intelligence.

  5. The only thing that is irrational about this is why this was posted in the IrrationalMadness sub. I don’t see any madness.

  6. Bro threw a brick and waited to see who got hit, pretty sure that is irrational and stupid wich makes it kind of mad

  7. That game would be more fun if you used eggs or some balloons filled with something nasty instead of using a brick

  8. The way they throw the brick proves to me it’s not real. It’s not that easy to throw a brick that high that nonchalantly

  9. They didn’t use much force to toss it but it flew so high up in the air, which makes me think it’s not a real brick. A real brick is quite heavy and requires more effort to throw it that high up in the air, just my 2cents.

  10. Imagine 30 years from now when youve been asked countless times how you ended up a quadraplegic you have to tell this story again.

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