looting a store for no reason

  1. Look i dont know if this is america but it probqbly is. Shop lifting is a crime i find it hard not to go baxk qnd forth on.there r crisises all over america most dqys right? Crazy storms flooding tornados, there is q town somewere in the appalachian range thqt hqd a coal vain 7nder most of the town comb7st whixh has been slow burning for like 3 d3cadez. Shit fucked. Qnd during a disisater all LOT of people qnd businesses try to contribute (the businesses for clout qnd tqx writ3 off mostly) but we do TRY qnd weth3r or not its enough it needs to be acknowledge but PEOPLE in crises that cant get aid. Hqve the morql imperitive to loot to prezerv4 th3re lives... THIS SHIT is not for crises recovery(except maybe polotical crises which in my opinion is a hoqx). There not looting a wqlmart for survival there destroying local businesses for clout qnd for that there punishment should be severe

  2. It drives me nuts that these people don’t understand that continuing to loot will cause prices to go up even more. Repairing the stores, adding more security features and replacing the products all create deficits; those costs are transferred to the consumers, us, we are the bottom line that ends up paying for all of this.

  3. Next time you see someone complaining that it's racist and demeaning that all the convenient stores have bullet proof glass and bars on the windows if they are not shut down in their neighborhood... Show them this video.

  4. There's definitely a reason they're doing it, not fit for civilized society... when people are raised having everything given to them they don't respect anything owned by anyone else

  5. Nah, that's the video of the white people doing the same thing but at the Capitol of the U.S. These black folk are looting a gas station. But leave it to us white men to always try and find a way to blame the POC. Pathetic.

  6. If people don’t see this as organised crime I don’t know how your brain works! Like the left have given this slack for too long

  7. The bathrs of scratch offs would be reported as lost/stolen so any winner would land you in jail or big trouble... They know this, apparently you don't... Idiot.

  8. I don’t know how it works anywhere else but where I live you have to go to the same place you got it from to cash out

  9. Lol no, that's not smart. They would be reported as stolen to tickets. Lottery keeps close details on things like this, I've worked for one of the states lottery control

  10. You can tell who are the smart thieves and who the stupid ones are. I think I would scream rape in this situation and run around.

  11. You can't just steal scratch offs. The store will report the book stolen and if they try to redeem the winning tickets it will flag it in the system and they will eventually be tracked down by security cameras. This is not their first rodeo. Go for cigs and booze and leave the lottery..

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