You broke my boomerang!

  1. No way that dude just sat there and took that. Shock is such a bitch sometimes. He ideally would have found some way to drive off. Is there more info on this?

  2. You can’t defend yourself in Australia. If you do you will most likely be charged too for assault. You just need to let them kill you to avoid jail.

  3. They wouldve lit him up and put holes in that mf like garden sprinkler if this was in America. Totally would soupport it too, messing with an old man what a pus

  4. At first, I thought the harassment was over without any real damage, but then, unlike his boomerang , the asshole came back.

  5. “You broke my boomerang” needs to be a thing now for when people sabotage themselves. Boss: “Your figures on the report are wrong.” Me: “Ah bloody hell. You broke my boomerang.”

  6. Honestly, what would a gun do in this situation? Guy is assaulting with a fucking boomerang. You think if he had a gun shooting in the window instead of his boomerang it would've been better?

  7. The window shattering is when you hit the gas! Who cares about their foot or their car, I take you hitting my window hard enough to break it as a threat to my well-being.

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