March 2022 bag design

  1. Right? It has the same feel as “Girl Boss” or “YAAAS.” It was already kind of cringy back in like 2015, but now no one uses those phrases unless they’re making fun of people.

  2. I don't like it, but I'm betting these were being designed right around the time Taylor Swift's song The Man came out. There is a line in that about power moves that frames them as a good thing.

  3. These bags made me think of that lularoe documentary, where one of the designers was talking about the prints and she was like, "people were running out of ideas, the prints started getting pretty wild and ugly". It's just really thoughtless design to me. Like the GBP, what is that clashing shade of yellow? Why not hire some folks who know a little about complementary colors and whatnot? And why words/phrases? We've seen a few, "power moves", "stay golden", "have fun", "love", "dream"... maybe it's just me, but I'd take an image over words any day. The phrases on the bags give me "live laugh love" vibes, and are just bound to be less interesting than an image. Ipsy should hire some new bag people.

  4. Idk its all personal taste. Im 24 and I like them especially the power one. Its such a pretty blue and I dont mind words I see it as a combination of lines put together like a pattern.

  5. I will take a seam ripper to that tag if I decide to get the March gb. I’m not a fan of drawstring bags, but I like those colors.

  6. Yeah, I like the GB colors but hate the "Power Moves" tag, blehhhh 🤢. Taking it off with a seam ripper is definitely the right move.

  7. The plus… kinda grew on me the longer I looked at it. Will wait and see more spoilers and how Feb/January orders arrive.

  8. This has got to be one of the worst yet. Gotta love how the Mystery Bags are always SO cute but the monthly bags have gotten uglier and uglier 🤔

  9. It’s just so terrible. Which is sad because they’ve been on a roll Dec - Feb IMO. March is my birthday month so I really want to stay but they’re just so ugly. It will probably depend on what’s in points for me.

  10. "Power Moves", yuck. I like the GBP, though, it reminds me of that old Atari game, Q-Bert. Of course, this is why most of you seem to hate it -- ugly retro, not cool retro lol.

  11. I misread that as Power Hover and then sounded THAT out in my head as “power hoover,” and now I can’t unsee or unhear it. 🤣

  12. Me, too! Where can we find the upcoming months product spoilers? 🥰 Thanks! I didn’t know we could see them ahead of time. Apparently I’ve been living in a cave or something lol 😂

  13. I mean I don't haaaate the draw string one but I don't want it either. Thanks for saving me money Ipsy! Still recovering from year end sales everywhere.

  14. Yeah I like this take...I just pictured a cartoon women dressed in an 80s neon jogging suit above the writing, and I'm wondering how I can make that happen...

  15. Not a fan of the bag design, especially the regular GB. The product selection is going to have to be amazing for me to not skip.

  16. This bag is why I skipped and now Ipsy tryna bait me w a $99 gift + 1800 points to come back. Saying this bag is worth 149 or something dollars. How, they are fkn samples which used to be free for people to try and see if they then wanted to invest money into the company. Talk about a rip investment, Shitsy.

  17. Definitely canceling for March. I have so much stuff I need to use up, but a cute bag can sometimes convince me to re-sub for the month. Not this month!

  18. Ew, if I didn’t have the yearly subscription I’d def be skipping, I’ve been on vacation visiting my family for the past couple months so I will have enough things to use up when I get back. The glam bag is hideous, not to mention cringey. I don’t get the plus but that one has too much going on, makes my eyes hurt.

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