Are they serious?? Feb GBX spoilers

  1. These are terrible, and I’m almost always optimistic. But geeze, what a motley crew of leftovers. This is not a luxurious lineup.

  2. My thoughts exactly. GBX is supposed to be luxury items. It’s so boring and not exciting and just downright disappointing. I’ve seen more interesting pallets at dollar tree.

  3. I like the PMG gloss, but I’d rather wait a few months until Sephora has a 20% off sale and make sure I get the shade I want than gamble on a $55 box filled with this stuff.

  4. Yeah, this. They picked the most boring possible shades. If you're going to have neutrals, also have colors for those of us who love color. I find it amusing in the blog she's quoted on 90s makeup and brown and bold red lips and everything in the assortment spoilers so far is neutral. So very very neutral.

  5. So, it looks like the Benefit Porefessional Hydrate primer, the Item beauty eyeshadow palette, PMG lip gloss, Stila eyeliner, Generation Skin eye patches, ABH clear brow gel, and a Tula moisturizer.

  6. Also that INMH quick slick that was in Boxy base not that long ago!!!! ETA: I wasn’t expecting to cancel this box. But these feel like legit leftovers. Not GBX level stuff, even compared to the Huda bag. I could be wrong! Please tell me I’m wrong! Haha

  7. I love everything Tula, but as a long time ipsy subscriber, I do not need moisturizer. I use pricey face cream as body cream, I have so much.

  8. Easy cancel for me. I liked the upgrade as a special treat every few months but these spoilers are lacking. My money would be better spent on a bundle in the shop or in pop up and flash sales. At least then I know what I am getting and not gambling on maybe getting decent items from the spoilers or maybe getting a bag full of leftovers.

  9. She’s a rich white girl who got famous on tiktok for being pretty & creating “dances” (stolen from poc tiktokers with no credit).

  10. Ok, this settles my opinion now-this was definitely thrown together at the last minute (last curator dropped out most likely) there is absolutely no cohesion or theme aesthetically and that bag does not even look like anything one would remotely associate with Addison Rae. It appears to be a “we need product en masse get anything” to fill this GBX to collect from loyal subscribers. This is pretty subpar compared to previous endeavors; from their campaign it looks like they know it.

  11. Easy pass. I still have unopened items from last February. That probably says more about me than Ipsy but l don't want any of these spoilers.

  12. Only Pat McGrath lipstick is interesting for me personally. Another items are super disappointing and boring. Easy pass

  13. Totally! And I bet Ipsy will start selling those in Shopper/Add Ons after this bag flops. They’re still trying to get rid of the About Face lipsticks from the Patrick Ta box

  14. I've been in a back and forth with customer service because I do. not. want. this. bag. I asked them if I could skip this bag. The problem is that I already prepaid when I joined. (I belonged to Ipsy a few years ago but I left and so now I have joined again with a new email, just an FYI) When I joined, the prompt came up with, hey, wanna sign up for GBX and save 20% off your first box? I did and they took the money that day. That was back in early December I think.

  15. I would contact your bank if they refuse a refund & show them the emails. You paid for February & your not getting February, it’s simple. Ipsy just wants to latch on to people’s money and that’s not okay

  16. I feel like there's no "there" there. If that makes sense. Where are all the other products. The most expensive products are barely enough to make a 350 evaluation.

  17. It’s tricky and multiple layers in. Go to “Account” then under GBX “view membership.” Scroll all the way down to the bottom and click “manage membership.” Scroll down to where it says something like “ask other questions” at the end of the white background and just below that you should see a clickable whole sentence that says something like “stop replacing my GBP with this overpriced, overhyped junk.” Or something like that. ;-) Click on that and you should be good. It took me a while to figure it out, so I hope this helps!

  18. I am so underwhelmed that I just cancelled the GBX. The GBP spoilers are much better products than what they’re promoting for the X.

  19. I canceled GBX this morning. February’s GBP eyeshadow palette is at the very least not another set of neutrals. I have enough brown eye shadow to last until 2122.

  20. The only thing I'm remotely interested in is the PM lip gloss and I already know I wldnt get the color I want so I'm probably cancelling, this is not it ipsy not it at all! This is like a gbp box in my opinion 🤷🏻‍♀️

  21. If I wanted one of those, I would much rather wait for one of the Pat McGrath or Sephora sales and then just pick one up in the color I would like which is probably red or berry.

  22. So when I went in to cancel my GBX they tried to offer me to stay and it showed a close up of the palette, the mascara, the lip gloss, the eye gels, primer, and the Quay sunglasses quite prominently. I am guessing that the glasses are part of the options, too (I originally thought they were just a decoration).

  23. That’s a good point about the sunglasses! I also thought it was a decoration! At least that’s SOMETHING interesting and different, rather than those leftovers. I need prescription lenses though so it still a no for me 💀

  24. Spoilers just keep getting worse....Definitely canceling. Sticking with my plus bag from now on. Out of all the gbxs I've had, only one was I absolutely happy with. I can justify spending $27 for 5 full size products and usually hate like 1 of the products, but I can't justify spending $58 on 8 products that I'll just never use. I need new foundation, I'll spend that money at tarte, thank you.

  25. When I saw that it was curated by Addison I wanted to keep an open mind because I've liked most of the products I got from her brand, but this is bad. Anything that I might want (the gloss or the eye patches) I'd rather just purchase separately. Just cancelled and not feeling any FOMO. If it goes on sale like the Huda box did I might pick it up, but definitely not feeling it for the $55 price tag.

  26. I have been wanting to pause all subs for a while, but the fomo always gets me. This one gives me no fomo. Other than the PMG (which I could just order and get my color choice), the only other thing that even slightly interests me is the INH edge tamer stuff. I could buy both for much less than this box. And I need neither. Time to spend a few months using the amazing products I have sitting around gathering dust. I will check back in next x month, but till then, I’m skipping it all, even my beloved Plus bag (which always kicks butt).

  27. I joined GBP May 2020, and I paused for the first time Jan, and paused again for Feb, I thought I would have FOMO, but I don't. I'm using all the great products I've accumulated instead of having them just sit in drawers. It actually feels good. I like that Ipsy gives you the option to pause when you go on overload or aren't into the spoilers. Good luck, you got this!

  28. Sorry for a noob question, but if I rather just have GBP instead of GBX for Feb, how do I do that? Do I have to cancel GBX and it will just revert to GBX for the month??

  29. Cancel the upgrade to GBX and you won't get it, you'll get your other subs as usual. However, if you want GBX for May, you'll need to sign up again (but be careful about when - I think it was late December if not into Jan that people who newly signed up for GBX got the November box).

  30. Man I signed up like a week and a half ago when they finally stopped advertising the Huda bag and charged me immediately. I really hope I can get a refund 😩😩😩 This is so bad. And I’m guessing that Tatcha was really Tula. So we aren’t actually getting a Tatcha product in this one.

  31. Yikes. I would skip my Plus if these were the spoilers. I do want to try X sometime but definately not this one.

  32. Don't like that eyeshadow palette at all and I can't even think of anyone I know that would be excited to give it to. Bleh. I love 90s stuff and she mentioned The Craft. Girl where?

  33. Do you guys think the company is possibly in trouble???? Maybe purchasing boxy has put them in financial ruin? They raised the prices in Nov (that alone is MILLIONS of dollars), then the next month they added the "handdling fee", the GBP items for Jan are mostly repeats, very few new items and now the GBX currator is some young tik toc girl that most people over 30 don't know who she is or even care to, w spoilers that are low end. Just a theory, I could totally be wrong, it could completely be corporate greed, but man, the company has completely gone down hill in the last few months. It's sad bc I use to look forward to Ipys, I'm on pause and don't miss it.

  34. All the sub box prices I belong to have gone up, so that doesn't surprise me. Mayyybe the handling fee is a sneaky way to help cover postage increases without increasing the box price and still saying they offer free shipping? But both Ipsy and Boxy being under the same umbrella and cutting corners is interesting. They either just want more profit or are losing money. It doesn't look good either way.

  35. No, I don't think they are. Ipsy makes more profit from shopper and sales than they do from the sub. So if they're raising prices for the sub, it just means that costs have gone up and they're passing that along so the subscription doesn't hemorrhage money.

  36. I'm cancelling X and pausing gbp, I might just take a break there is literally nothing exciting me anymore these past few months 🤷🏻‍♀️

  37. Cancelled all of my Ipsy yesterday and feeling vindicated. Realized I was only hanging on to redeem points and the bags had gone more and more downhill. I used to experience SO much joy every month and it makes me sad how unexcited I am about ipsy now. I feel like I had slowly gotten more and more acclimated to repeats / unexciting products / decreasing value / more and more lower quality stuff that I almost hadn’t realized. My last bag when I really thought about it…none of it I really WANTED or would have actually bought if it hadn’t been in my choices.

  38. I can’t find it now, but a few days ago someone here posted spoilers for all three February bags, and that one is definitely the GBX bag. It’ll be a choice item.

  39. There's really no "WOW" item eh? Such an odd grouping of items. I'm pretty open minded and never skip or cancel any of my subscriptions, I always find value in either items I keep and use or things I stash away for gifts... but this stuff... I mean, not one item there do I want, at all!

  40. Gotta think though, are there other items in the box that you really want? If not it would be cheaper just to buy what you want from Ulta than to pay $55 for this. I’m cancelling because I will save money just getting what I want.

  41. I don’t hate it but def need to see more spoilers before I commit to getting it. I don’t have very high hopes that it will get better than this tho

  42. Quick question before I officially press the button to cancel this GBX: if I cancel my GBX for February will I receive the GBP instead like I normally get each month? Just don’t wanna make a mistake. I hate this GBX so bad & I never thought I’d ever cancel. I usually dislike a couple of the products in my bags when I’m shown them but then grow to love them but this GBX I hate hate hate it!

  43. I just signed up for my first Ipsy bags in December (January GB & GBP) and I was pretty sure I wasn't going to bite on GBX for February. Now, since they've released the curator info... and now these less than stellar previews I definitely won't have FOMO.

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