My collection of / addiction to Tatcha, thanks to ipsy 🥴 (repost)

  1. This just reminded me that the Tatcha lucky bag event should be coming up soon. I'm pretty sure it's usually the first week of January. I've gotten them the last two years and was very pleased with the amount and quality of the items. Here's a post with an unboxing from last year:

  2. That looks fun! I hope you enjoy it again. I'm uh, trying to go on a no-buy (or at least low-buy) for a couple months, for possibly obvious reasons 🤣🤣

  3. This ipsy Reddit has helped me know what to try so often, and I just now FINALLY bit the tatcha bullet with the rice face wash and omg why did it take me soooo long!? I'm hooked and kicking myself for not trying it sooner!

  4. Seriously! I feel the same way about a lot of the things I've tried from ipsy, but especially tatcha and herbivore 💚 The rice wash is fantastic, and sephora has a couple great bundles that I've repurchased a few times

  5. Ooh yea I use good genes pretty much everyday. Between ipsy and sephora rewards, I've got a good collection of those little tubes. This may be a weird use for it, but I swear that's the best spot treatment for incoming acne that I've ever found.

  6. tatcha and sunday riley are my absolute faves for skincare. the ceo glow oil is great and my mom loved the luna night oil i gave her (and it really worked wonders on her skin)

  7. What an awesome collection! My husband stole my sample of the rice wash and fell in love with it lmao so I had to buy him a full size for Christmas

  8. I like it too so far. I think it feels pretty similar to the Ole Henriksen banana bright eye crème. I'd probably buy more of that one first. I haven't found any that I like quite as much as the 111skin bright eye lift gel though. (Speaking of not being able to afford more lol... Never ever paying that full price 🤣🤣)

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