PSA about thr handling charge debacle: the $12 minimum people are thinking of is for shipping costs. It doesn't look like they initiated the policy change yet, but this is from the help sight.

  1. I think that's the intention; people will be more likely to either order more add-ons with their bags, or spend $12 to get the free shipping. I imagine that they don't make much from people placing multiple $3 orders (I've been guilty). I'm trying to think of it as a positive in terms of reducing carbon emissions.

  2. It won't just be Ipsy, shipping costs are set to rise across the board. As annoying as it is, as much as none of us like it, that's where things are headed.

  3. I wonder why they are only imposing this on some people. When I'm on Ipsy, the header for the second chance add-ons boasts free shipping. Do other's have this? I added one $3 item to test it, and it still was free shipping.

  4. I noticed that as well, I'm thinking maybe they haven't initiated the charge yet. They may be using the handling fee as a test to see how that goes. It's possible they're trying out various ways to encourage people to place fewer single-item orders. I can imagine that those orders, which I myself have been guilty of placing, could be a factor for how quickly orders ship out.

  5. I noticed people thinking they remembered something about thr handling fee being for 2nd chance orders under $12. I thought I would share this again to hopefully clear up some confusion.

  6. I have a vague memory of them always having a weird shipping charge like this in their FAQs that never actually got charged?

  7. I didn’t realize that either. I bought one item last night. I just went to check and the one item was $12 so I was safe. Thank you for posting this so I will skip orders under $12 from now on.

  8. I don't think they charged anyone this month. I'm not sure when this policy will be in place, or even if it will. I'm wondering if they're testing out handling fees as an alternative to shipping fees. On their site, every other sale (pop-up, flash, shopper) all show free shipping still.

  9. I don’t think I’ve ever had an order under $15…. Lol. I actually think it’s a fine policy, even though they get discounted rates it’s still costing them money to mail out all the low dollar orders. I’m actually surprised they didn’t say $20 minimum for the free shipping. Isn’t some of the boxy sales a $25 minimum for free shipping?

  10. Well…I will be a lot less tempted to purchase second chance add ons and other pop up items from them now! $4.95 shipping for a $3-5 item? Please

  11. So far this is only for 2nd-chance per their help site. I don't think it's gone into effect yet. I think they want to have fewer orders with one or two items. I can imagine those orders aren't very lucrative, and have a potential to bog down shipping turnaround times. I've been guilty of placing multiple $3 orders and I always feel so wasteful when a stack of nearly empty mailers shows up at my door. 😌

  12. I ordered something in 2nd chance for $12 and there was a .99 handling fee. I put a $5 item in my cart from pop-up and it shows a $1.49 fee. This is on both accounts. No way. Build the handling fees into your pricing Ipsy! Shipping is a different matter.

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