found an old ipsy bag when going through my storage unit. no idea on month/year

  1. Are that month’s items still in the bag? I have found old bags of mine and sometimes they have one or two items there from that month that I was not that excited about. 😂

  2. Please give me a hint as to where Brazilian Jesus is on the Bag.. I’m all laughing about your comment & looking back @ bag ‘Still’ with a smile on face UNTILLL. I can’t find that Brazilian Jesus on Bag no damn where. I feel like I’ve lost my first ever “Hidden Picture” where you circle images inside a Picture. I give up & I Know damn well it’s in there but give me a hint please

  3. This is one of my favorite bags I ever got from ipsy! It's just the teensiest bit bigger than the others and I love the different closure. I actually keep it in my car at all times with emergency toiletries—it's one of the only bags I actually use as intended haha.

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