Iowa GOP blacklists KCRG from election night coverage

  1. If only the GOP cared about the First Amendment as much as the Second. a free press is as necessary, if not more necessary, than the ability to buy whatever firearm one wants.

  2. The press was kicked off the Iowa senate floor and banished to the gallery earlier this year. Kim Reynolds refuses to honor the law when it comes to open records requests, taking months to do so. She's also earned the title of least transparent governor in decades.

  3. The GOP does care about the First Amendment. They're trying to use it to destroy the public's ability to tell what's true and what's fake news under the guise of free speech. The whole point is to destroy the integrity of the information space. If people have no way of knowing what's happening or what's true, they always revert to pure tribalism.

  4. I was really hoping that KCRG would come out with a final party GPA for their ads. That probably would have made them really mad.

  5. Hey! There’s somebody chiming in with what-aboutism! That’s also known as the logical fallacy of tu quoque. People use logical fallacies when their arguments don’t have enough strength nor merit to stand on its own - it’s arguing in bad faith. Vote blue!!!

  6. You mean the CNN that has decided to be more conservative and desperately tries to "both sides" every issue? That CNN?

  7. Is this the forum where I post something that clearly denotes me as being in my filter bubble and echo chamber? If so, I have something "important" to say about the elections.

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