A World Without Chuck Grassley in the Senate?

  1. Chuck Grassley, has been in the Senate for 41 years. The median age in Iowa is 38. Grassley has been a Senator for a majority of Iowans entire lives. His transition to shameless partisan hack started under Bush, 22 years ago and accelerated fast under Obama 14 years ago. There are many adults for whom Grassley has been a hack since they were old enough to follow the news.

  2. That man was representing Iowa over two decades ago when I left that state. Since I don't live there anymore and it's none of my business take this for what it's worth but maybe it's time for him to be voted out. He'll be fine she gets to keep his war chest

  3. Chuck has served continuously in the Senate for 14 years before I was born. I turned 27 this year. I remember learning about him in Iowa History.

  4. If Grassley wins, expect him to soon retire his Senate seat. MAGA governor Kim Reynolds then gets to choose his replacement, which will most likely be Grassley's grandson Pat Grassley, Speaker of the Iowa House. This will ensure the Grassley legacy and the MAGA GOP. Don't believe this isn't the plan.

  5. Correct, this is certainly what will happen. It's all a scam when it comes to Iowa GOP. For example, when Branstad left, there should have been a special election. But no, Kim illegally took office.

  6. He claims to be a farmer yet spends a vast majority of his life in DC and takes a pic from his son's tractor pretending to harvest. He is not a real Iowan. He is beholden to large industry and in no way represents the interest of the common man.

  7. I mean... considering farmers work like 3 weeks out of the year (and by work, I mean sit in a climate controlled tractor that drives itself), it's totally possible. I know farmers that spend more time in Mexico or at the lake than they do "working".

  8. He has great benefits even better than Medicare. So he has no need to expand Medicare and Social Security. He can vote for his own pay raises and farm subsidies.

  9. He's so old and disconnected with how the state should work for younger people. Begone old man. Please begone.

  10. Chuck was really great before the “change” from working for all Iowans to working against the other party. Young Chuck would listen to all Iowans. This Chuck is a party hack. And really almost all these old cooters in both parties are hacks.

  11. We have GOT to kick him out. If we don’t, he’s going to resign once he’s sworn in and Covid Kimmy will appoint his grandson, making an nepotistic anti democracy attack on the senate, and the next forty years will be with another Grassley in the senate, fucking over the country as well.

  12. Please, Iowa... For the love of all things holy... Please vote our the crusty Moose knuckle that is Covid Kim. Please. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  13. Just a reminder to everyone, you can go out and vote today, you don't have to wait for the polls to open. Look up the rules for in person absentee voting in your area and get in and make change happen!

  14. Grassley will die in office or retire at the ripe old age of 127. He is older than Biden, but has none of the obvious mental decline. If you voted for an obviously infeebled Joe Biden, but think Grassley is too old, you are a giant hypocrite. You do not care who is representing you. You do not care if they are fit for office. You only care about supporting your tribe.

  15. Orrrr they're both too fucken old. Both of them. Along with most of congress. No one who can collect social security should be in office.

  16. Highly doubt if most sub-50s Iowans could match Chuck's stamina, probably not most of the sub-40s I see waddling into QuickStar or painting him as frail on reddit. The guy's a machine and a testament to the benefits of clean living. Hasn't been a lifetime gov bum like Joe, who dems are fine with...incredibly.

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