Dorman OpEd: Kim Reynolds aces a course in revisionist pandemic history

  1. Well she is a revisionist pathetic governor. So she is a pandemic herself. People are leaving the state because of her.

  2. How many times did your supreme leader Hillary Clinton say that the Russians stole the 2016 election? You white libs have no memory of your side doing the same fucking thing, plus you you BLM fucks burned down my immigrant uncles liquor store in MPLS.

  3. Don't forget that her failure to act was mitigated by the courage of mayors in cities around the state who enacted mask mandates and other strategies to minimize spread.

  4. This, exactly! She used Covid relief funds to pay her staff. She touts no state income tax, which only makes property taxes go sky-high to fund our schools. Her State of the Union address was a joke. It was a mix of her bragging and bringing up old talking points. She will run for President. We need to slap her back by voting her out!

  5. Although she did all she could to override those doing actual measures to protect people while also looting funds given to help with the pandemic or flat out rejecting them

  6. So what you’re saying is government functioned as intended, on a local scale as opposed to one size fits all.

  7. Ask the school boards what the plan was? - "We only can do what the county public health division advises"

  8. That whole taking away the mask mandate 2 weeks before school let out was the worst kind of theater, done simply to score political points and potentially causing actual harm.

  9. At least one side is wrong in any argument. I tell my kids this about being an outside arbiter in any argument, "There's one person's side, and there's the other person's side. Somewhere in the middle, you'll usually find the truth"

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