the usual suspects

  1. One time in Fort dodge I saw a crackhead lady scratching a scratch ticket in a gas station. She was so high every number she scratched off she would smell it..

  2. Idk the fighting over domestic chickens, everything around the races, and the general trump business comes to mind

  3. After posting this - there were immediate regrets for leaving out so many worthy candidates, ankeny school board, ottumwa, C.B. University of Iowa offense etc

  4. Tell me you've never been to San Francisco without saying "I've never been to San Francisco" this guy goes first ☝️

  5. Fort dodge is a nub town. Waterloo at least has things to do. As a non native captive iowa resident who moved to dirty dodge from out of state I would say Waterloo (and by default cedar falls) is a much better place to live.

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