Everybody is Leaving Iowa

  1. I’m from & currently live in Olympia. Spent 2010-2017 in Iowa, moved back to Oly in 2017. I miss lower housing costs but even the small town Iowa market is absurd now compared to when we bought in Iowa.

  2. I'm in Oregon at the moment for work travel, and I can't believe how happy people are here. Iowans are so angry and unhappy in comparison.

  3. I moved from Montana and this state really isn't bad. Just don't go on Twitter or reddit and you will probably enjoy it. There is a lot to like about iowa

  4. Arkansan here, I don't live in Iowa but I also can confirm Iowa is a great place to live from what I've seen. I always enjoy visiting.

  5. We need to leave too. Left KS and they immediately elected a Democratic governor. Left AZ and they added a second Democratic senator (well…if you count Sinema as one). Apparently moving is our civic duty.

  6. That’s what I always say. Left the day I graduated U of I in 09’. My wife loves coming back for the small town feel and “farm life”, but she never stays long enough for the shine to wear off. My hometown is dying. More and more empty houses and businesses every time I come back.

  7. One of the main reasons for it is that the media rural Iowans consume now is almost entirely devoted to the project of making them angry, fearful, hate-filled and disgusted. All of their information and entertainment is coated with poison.

  8. This is the problem! Between climate change, weather, politics and cost of living…I think had a decent balance. We hate the politics here and would like to leave but…where?! Everywhere has some glaring issue.

  9. Nearing retirement and moved to Vermont. It's gorgeous, and they say the snow isn't as bad as it used to be. Definitely no worse than Iowa in winter, and the summers are infinitely better. Wish I hadn't waited so long to get out of Iowa.

  10. Moved from Iowa to Arizona. We’re not running out of water, we’re running out of CHEAP water. But there will eventually be a showdown between farmers & cities.

  11. In general, the population is moving out of the Midwest and toward Southern states (Texas, Arizona, Florida) but also the coasts in general (although both California and New York lost people last census)

  12. Moved from Iowa to Kansas City and could not be happier. It's still Midwest, but the weather is better and there is enough diversity to balance out the crazy. Also, I don't have this ever-present feeling that my community is slowly eroding into oblivion.

  13. Personal Hot take: Everyone young Iowan should have to work at least 1 week in a factory farm environment, particularly our chicken and hog processing.

  14. We are moving TO Iowa next month and very excited. Although everyone I know from Iowa no longer lives there, lol.

  15. It’s a good state. I moved to CO last year for a variety of reasons. I love it here, but I do miss some things about Iowa. Would I move back? Maybe, to be honest. I have good friends still in the area. I like the slower pace of life there, the lack of traffic, and I have fond memories there.

  16. Left Iowa in 2014 because there weren’t a lot of great jobs. Took me 8 years in Minneapolis to go from $35k to $150. If you want to make money, you gotta move to where to high paying jobs are.

  17. The brain drain is real. We're left with a small percentage of smart people, and a whole lot of others who seemingly pride themselves in proving out the Dunning-Kruger effect.

  18. Well, it turns out that if you would like to take advantage of student loan forgiveness, you better leave the state of Iowa because the state of Iowa is suing the federal government to block access to student loan forgiveness to its own graduates. If you want help paying for your college tuition, I guess you need to take your college educated self to some other state.

  19. As someone who was born there, went to public school there, went to the University of Iowa there, and then worked there post-college for 4 years, all I can say is, there are not very many good jobs in Iowa. I have a strong distaste for Lyz's tone when she writes about Iowa specifically, but one part she really gets right here: "there is no one around to pay you a living wage." That's exactly right.

  20. I’ve been away from home for 8 years now. Been wanting to move back, next to my parents and brother, but I don’t think I want to anymore.

  21. If you have to live in a shithole red state might as well live in one with better weather. We're planning on getting out in a few years when hubby retires.

  22. Ha! We're selling our 13 acre property in Minnesota to return to Iowa. Love the lakes and space, like the politics, just too much land for us to maintain at our age.

  23. Late to the party, but I’d guess a large part of this is due to the relative affordability of our public universities. Pretty much all of my friends at Iowa were from IL/MN, and they always planned to move home after graduation. Same goes for people I know at ISU, tons of MN students. Our cost of college even for out of state students is really good compared to their home state schools

  24. I love how many anecdotes under the guise of proof are in this thread. The fact remains that Iowa's brain drain is among the worst in the nation.

  25. Well as someone whose lived in many different towns in Iowa in 24 years I can confidently say this article is ridiculous and very dramatic. I’ll sum it up for you. “I don’t like the politics so to hell with the people, ideas, and everything about the place”

  26. The brain drain is very real. Working for a company here in DSM, it’s hard anymore to find quality candidates for any opening as most of the good grads have left the state - and we even pay very well. You can go ask any college councilor and they will say the same thing - it’s hard to keep people in this state.

  27. As if that’s incorrect in any way, shape, or form. Iowa is a red hole. Any belief that it’s a “purple”, battle ground state is just far up their own ass. The people, especially in your rural dying backwaters, are just a bunch of inbred ghouls who are immediately hostile to anyone who don’t play by their “good ol boy” rules. The fact you’ve been all over the state in multiple towns and have yet to see anything like this indicates a few things: either you’re lying, your privilege is showing, or you’re willfully ignorant. My brother is openly gay and has friends who identify as members of the LGBTQ community and have been frequently harassed and belittled. In fact, my brother has been met with a death threat during school and has yet to receive any response worth a shit from the Waverly school district at all. Next door in Owlein you had fascist pig fuckers spread their white supremacist propaganda in a local park with cops sitting on their hands refusing to do anything (no fucking surprise there whatsoever) because of “muh freedumb of peach”. Iowa and their redneck inhabitants can go fuck themselves with a pike for all I care.

  28. I just broke up with my girlfriend and can't stop looking at her Facebook, but I'm totally over it, I swear.

  29. Been a lot of places and they all have their problems. Moved to Iowa deliberately and it was a great choice. Yes the small towns are dying but that’s everywhere not within commuting of a major ish city or that has tourism. I love living here and yes I think our Governor sucks but so did big Chet.

  30. I’m not saying that it’s wrong, but that is basically a blog/opinion piece with no cited sources on a very obscure website. Just saying

  31. If you know anything about economics “it’s easier to afford a house” suggests Iowa is worse to live in. Otherwise the houses would cost more.

  32. I know it's changing, but Iowa state income tax is fucking awful. I left immediately after graduating because I wasn't about to pay 8-9% of my salary to a shit hole state. Iowans are great people but FUCK that.

  33. I'll believe the flat tax when I see it. My husband and I are trying to move to Illinois for two reasons: flat tax and lower risk of me dying from a pregnancy complication. (I'm in a high risk category and miscarried earlier this year so it's a legitimate concern for us.)

  34. I just want to move out of the midwest entirely in a few years. Somewhere on the west coast is where I’m thinking.

  35. Lived in CA and Germany, then Iowa for the last 10 years. It's funny to me to hear the grousing about the objectionable politics held by those the complainers are not associating with, and those just barely hanging on in hope that getting loaded will become legal and all their problems solved.

  36. Iowan transplant to Kansas here. I had a hard time figuring out what career field would allow me to continue living in Iowa after college. I ended up in Engineering for a major Aviation company.

  37. the shroomies grow alot due to the rich land during the summer 😋 thas the only part i love of this state 😂

  38. Moving along the coast is suicidal suicidal if you know anything about the Earth and it's cycles. If you have any children I suggest you look into what is called the Noah Event. If you are moving because you smoke weed then you won't both because it will make you too paranoid to even consider this possibly or if your generally fearful person. You don't have believe me but look it up for yourself or Suspicious Observer on YouTube watch videos on his playlist before you make any rash decisions. Just a FYI it's your life and your families at stake overall just thought you should consider this when making a life altering decisions. Take care

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