Why did Omni-man spare the Flaxan's?

  1. I think even for a Viltrumite it's a lot of work to hunt down and kill every member of a multi-dimensional empire.

  2. A common misunderstanding is that people from Earth age faster on the flaxxan planet, it’s actually the reverse, they age slower there, so keeping Omni man there will do them no good. I just think that because he doesn’t have super senses he couldn’t kill everyone on the planet because he just couldn’t find them, and he had to keep the scientists alive to send him back so he couldn’t destroy the planet either.

  3. I think he kept a few alive so he could get back. More than he thought lived threw his onslaught and rebuilt. They experience time way different so in a few months hundreds of years passed. They don't know about his longevity so they probably figured he died.

  4. Its also probable that flaxans had colonies on multiple planets, so omniman couldnt attack them all.

  5. I was going to say this. They are obviously a war civilisation. I haven't read the comics but I don't understand why they just don't keep to their own dimension where they don't age rapidly.

  6. He made his point. In the comics he's known to the Flaxans as the Destroyer. Without spoiling anything Flaxans will be in the story again.

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