A history teacher of 40 years explains the difference between conservatives and liberals in the simplest way so even a 5 year old can understand it

  1. Don’t forget: also, California, quintessentially liberal, is working on taking its giant budget surplus and investing it in manufacturing insulin itself, to be available cheaply for its citizens. But I’m sure the rugged individualist leaders in Texas SURELY have a great plan for their diabetic citizens, too.

  2. The rugged individualists in Texas let more than 200 Texans freeze to death last year because they deregulated their power sector. As long as rich people get richer, that's all they care about. At any fucking cost.

  3. No, no we will not and that’s just so damn unfair man. Texas is a truly great state, but the conservatives in charge are absolute soulless garbage

  4. I’m going to call Beto O’Rourke & Katie Hobbs tomorrow!!! This adds to their HUGE PLATFORM for them to run on!!! Fuck Rethuglicans!!!!

  5. I grew up in a VERY conservative cowboy town. Their actions and behavior influenced me to move as far away from that viewpoint as possible. I will absolutely never vote for red, ever..

  6. You have immense my respect for following the spirit of your Christ, and not the Old Testament-like faith leaders of today

  7. This professor is a perfect example of why conservatives and reactionaries not only in the US but in Brazil as well (where I live) see public education as an enemy, a communist brainwash machine operated by commie teachers. So their perfect solution is to lobby for private education, which solves many "problems": no communist teachers brainwashing a new generation, no tax money spent on public schools, no educated poor minorities competing with them for high paying jobs and a huge opportunity for profit on private education.

  8. If conservatives believed in freedom in business interactions, they wouldn't be upset about "cancel culture." They would appreciate that consumers can choose who to freely associate with and if they en mass agree to not support a business or individual, they have the right to do so. And that businesses are privately owned and also have the right to refuse service to other entities based on their whims.

  9. Ok but this is literally just wrong. You could argue he's right based on the actions that conservatives/liberals do and then deriving the intents from that, but that's disingenuous as a teacher.

  10. no it doesn’t. whenever somebody suggests traditional culture/practices etc that don’t maximize corporate profits they call it communism and do some scattered terrorism. they say that, but their record is public record, and it’s very easy to distinguish a tagline from objective reality. if you care about being honest.

  11. You are correct only so far as that is what the dictionary says. In the real world that has become a fairy tale and the professor here is 100% correct. This is some real “ignore the evidence of your eyes and your ears” stuff.

  12. I have to take issue with part of what you're saying here. Having an inclination toward a position doesn't mean an analysis is incorrect. I have a bias against slavery but I can still give an analysis of it.

  13. It's kind of sad that if you explained to students what conservatism actually stood for instead of using their vague generalities like "tradition" and "small government," you'd probably be fired.

  14. From an education based explanation this is horrible. Like if you are wanting to push an agenda as a liberal to your students then fine this works but if you are actually trying to inform people about what these words mean then it is horrible.

  15. As a teacher, I would never say it like this in the classroom. Sincerely hope this man didn’t teach with such bias to his students.

  16. You are definitely not a teacher. Only conservative trolls begin comments with “as a gay black man/as a teacher/as a wicca.” Take your lying ass over to the_donald

  17. Conservatives believe that people are inherently lazy. That without goals and physical motivations then people will cease to work to produce goods that are critical to survival. That by working hard you can accomplish your goals and attain property and wealth. That the work product of mankind is best driven by production targets and deviation reduction and divided by that effort. Conservatives believe that all rewards or consequences are based on choice and that accountability for those choices must be had. That morale hazard is the principle that drives fairness and justice. The biggest plus is that humans are motivated by greed and production is high, biggest downfall is that there are winners and losers. The losers get nothing they didn't 'earn' in this system and ultimately turn to crime or die.

  18. Biased , hypocrite pseudo intellectual. Deducing into teams is as dumb and deceptive as it gets. You don’t care about profit but rather you worry most about people? Sell your things and become a monk then.

  19. And all those liberal cities are doing so well, aren’t they… Las Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Detroit, New York.

  20. conservatives support not having tthr government all in it's ass about anything. it's not the governments problem. it's a problem of the people. liberals want more overeaching control on people placed by the governments.

  21. In the UK Thatcher sold off all out public services to private owners. We now have the highest public transport costs in all of Europe with the worst service.

  22. Also this is probably the dumbest attempt at creating a Liberal-Conservative dichotomy I have seen in my life. It is severely underwritten by the fact that the Democratic party is probably the party that supports policies most conducive to profit.

  23. This whole post is a bit... malformed. Why are we going off dictionary definitions to define political entities? Do we assume North Korea is democratic because it claims it is? That would be just as silly to assume any political entity strictly or sometimes even closely just adheres to definitions.

  24. The thing that bothers me is that the political parties in America are only liberal or conservative in name only. Their social or economic crusades don't reflect the definition of their names. It becomes an even bigger headache when you add progressive to the mix because many progressive policies are just shit policies and everyone will have varying ideas on what progress looks like.

  25. It's not Republican to make a quick profit. It's certain people lining their pockets by making a stupid deal. Republicans are for less government control where liberals want more government control while complaining about the same control

  26. He’s extremely liberal which there’s no issue with but it’s a biased pov and he also ignored the fact that through helping society we have a huge deficit

  27. As opposed to giving trillions in tax cuts to the super rich, which doesn't grow the deficit at all, right? Nor does enthusiastically embracing trickle-down economics for nearly 40 years.

  28. If the rights to insulin are apparently "sold to the public for a dollar" then why aren't there liberal philanthropists manufacturing insulin and handing it out like candy?

  29. I don't identify solely with any one "side" and I think anyone that does is brainwashed or just wants, really badly, to feel accepted by others. I have progressive liberal views as well as traditional conservative views. That's why I think it's very disenfranchising to say that all conservatives are selfish assholes and imply that they are bad people for having those views. The world isn't this or that, it's very complicated. The people that live in the world are very complicated.

  30. If you actually want to know the different read the righteous mind by Johnathan Haidt. It’ll upset you cuz it doesn’t play sides and it’ll actually make you understand why “the other guys” act like that

  31. Actually liberal/Democratic parties are more backed by the pharmaceutical giants who do things like gouge insulin and jack up prices on epipens that are state mandated for all school. The other big money supplier for them is tech companies.

  32. I am a moderate, and yes, Arizona fucked themselves for short term greed, and our health care industry desperately needs more regulation, but that middle argument about Texas selling out to Saudi Arabia is false.

  33. Seriously? I wouldn't trust this guy to coherently explain the fall of the Roman empire. Stop pigeonholing and labeling everything as "this or that." That's not how real life works.

  34. Then either cite some concrete examples where core conservative philosophy favors people over profits or take a seat.

  35. that is how political platforms work. you buy into it or you don’t; you don’t get to buy into it and then whine that people noticed what it is you bought into

  36. The oil is on a global market. Companies buy and sell it without regard to nations. All about 🤑

  37. Much easier way to explain it, conservative is generally a small amount of government, liberal is generally more government intervention

  38. That is not a simpler explanation. That is more abstract, and also generally untrue as conservatives want plenty of government intervention to their aims.

  39. Maybe 50 years ago. But now? Republicans don’t care about size of government or spending (except when it benefits them to say they do)

  40. And yet it’s republicans who run up the deficit in government spending, it’s Republican states that take the most welfare, and its republicans that want to tell you what you can and cannot do with your body. Hmmm

  41. no they’re not. conservatives have been crusading for the government to decide who can get married, who has to breed, where people can travel, what books people can read, expanding the already swollen military, granting government agents more authority to shirk due process... literally the only time they’ve been for a small amount of government is when federal government begins to curtail local government nepotism.

  42. How demented the old fart is, no wonder kids don’t learn shit in school, they are being indoctrinated.

  43. learning about the world isn’t indoctrination, it’s just becoming baseline aware. that does tend to prevent people from becoming republicans, true, but it’s not the win you think.

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