Update 1.12 is Live !

  1. I have gore, not as visceral as I’d hope BUT my shotty can pop heads and take limbs. I’m gonna try the anti-material rifles next, also the rag doll is no fully gone with a euphoria style engine powering the dead until they actually die and go limp.

  2. No surprise there. The ksg also has no iron sights and the sun reflections on the ks-23 arent attached to the model

  3. Wtf still?! I haven't played this game or really seen much since October...see a new update post today and still no gore..come onnnn

  4. Playing on PS5 - gore works for the most part. I got wrecked by an rpg while on a technical - saw the chunks of meat left behind when I respawned

  5. It's a game, like all games, when an update arrives , it breaks shit too. Standard across gaming these days

  6. Anyone noticed frenzy coop mode is available? Did they actually add it to the game? It dosent show timer like those limited time playlists

  7. Just downloaded it. For those with the year 2 DLC, the new skins are included in that right? (Carbon fiber, etc.) When are those available? I see them but cannot access.

  8. I still wouldn’t use the skins but if you have all of the cosmetic dlc’s such as the year 2 pass you should have them if all of the other skins were included into it

  9. My game updated to 1.11 but I have all 1.12 content is that normal? Games a buggy mess right now for me.

  10. I never complained about the framerate on my basic PS4. Well, they "fixed" it with this patch. The game became unplayable for me. Framerate looks like it's 1/3 lower than before the patch.

  11. I’d love to see a HK416 and another AK series, not that I’d use it but so that rifleman mains could stop complaining about the weapons that they need to still add

  12. Series S here, haven’t really noticed any difference with gore but the death animations look different, also have a lot of problems with my frame rate on prison.

  13. All works in PS5, but hey….looks more like goat simulator the kids used to play than a Mil-sim. Yeah dismemberment would be a good thing for this game in addition to gore,but what the ___! These lot just explode from a bullet and you must get a 300x multiplier 🤯 ! It’s dumb!

  14. I see a lot of people complaining as usual. Don't be cry baby's and enjoy the game. It's a game, your life doesn't depend on it. And guys don't compare the console version to the Pc version, it's ridiculous. The game in Pc is been out for quite some time. I saw a comment complaining that the sun doesn't reflect on the gun, seriously man! Give me a break.

  15. My issue is, I didn't really have any game breaking issues before, I was happy with how my game played. Today, scopes are fucked. That is game breaking

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