why does everyone love coop?

  1. Insurgency has some pretty solid bots, so it’s still relatively challenging and allows for a ton of teamwork

  2. When I play insurgency I’m always tired, I can’t keep up with pvp but I enjoy tactical aspects of games so instead I play pve and enjoy it more than pvp

  3. Same. I play games to unwind not test my skill against superninjas that play 50x as often as me. I've got nothing against pvp people and I play it occasionally I just can't keep up. I just find I enjoy myself more playing pve where you don't have to be hyper focused and twitchy to survive.

  4. Dude seriously? You don't think outpost is fun?? That shit is amazing. Holding down a point with the team while you get swarmed by enemy.... it's like a movie.

  5. I love Co op but I don't like outpost. It has the weakest AI and there aren't enough good spots for the whole team to hold on a lot of objectives

  6. I don't need to play versus to hit my death quota when bots already 1080 Ollie no-handlebars kickflip Golden-Goose noscope my ass from across the map

  7. Mostly because in PVE the enemies are a kittle more realistic and offers vetter Tactical gameplay then one random guy running around with a Suppressed shotty sliding through everything and jump shotting everyone on the map.

  8. I play co-op because, it's slower paced then pvp and it's as close to Arma on console as your gonna get because operation flashpoint is dead as hell,

  9. Whenever I played PvP nobody really communicates or focuses on objectives. Co op most communicate and play objective, to me it’s a lot more fun when you play that way instead of just running around and going for kills

  10. I’m interested, I play on Xbox and struggle to find any teammates with mics outside of hardcore. Survival is fun but I’ve never had a decent team.

  11. I’m pvp by nature but find myself in Co op and hardcore Co op as players you do actually get used to- Same corners, same high points, same well trodden pathways and patterns. These bots though, these are like terminators. Dirty almost likeable tactics- and when you win an everyone gets taco’s bro! 😂

  12. I don't like the pvp, too campy for me. The bots aren't the greatest in my opinion but the co op allows for more teamwork. The bots also don't camp and shoot across the map

  13. Personally I like both but I play PvP when I want something a bit more casual. They don't coordinate or take cover or anything so all I really have to worry about is hitting my shots and flanking when I need to. It requires a lot less thinking so it's less stressful and crushing lol

  14. I think it’s because the bots are more aggressive. It gives you that constant, intense immersion. Especially playing vs the insurgents. I feel like I’m in Black Hawk Down. PvP gives the same, but with the varying play styles, it’s a different experience. I mostly play PVP, but when I’m in the mood for that really gritty, modern combat…Co-op.

  15. I don't play this game everyday, and playing pvp is full of guys that have been going at it for awhile, and are good, Im not interested in communication with random players as it turn into an argument why I'm trash, so I hop on with my brothers on coop and play worry free about being killed out nowhere every 10 seconds, and no I'm not interested in getting good, I get limited time to play in the day, I ain't going to stress playing a game.

  16. Personally I find playing against players too easy, and there's never any communication between players also the game modes for pvp just aren't as fun but then when you play Co op you have hard core checkpoint which is crazy fun and engaging when you get a full squad on mics clearing rooms and pushing objectives againts lots of enemies that l have near perfect aim and seem to always one tao you is so much fun, although I will say when you have a squad on mics frontline pvp can be very fun

  17. Honestly I said the same thing until like 2 days ago when I played outpost on coop and had a blast. Just waves of enemy bots coming in and sometimes they bunch up. It’s like a machine gunners paradise

  18. Fr dude i dont get the fun in constantly playing bots either. It’s harder and more fun for player interaction with pvp

  19. I find PVP is very easy if you play it like COD. Run low weight and run between every objective and you will top frag every time (firefight)

  20. I agree. Like the real challenge is in fighting other players. I would do more coop if they had private lobbies where you could customize the settings or have private slots for just friends. But I'll stick to my pvp until then.

  21. For me, pvp is far too frustrating. Everyone wants to act like it's Arma and check all corners and live out their army fantasies. I've played this game since release on PC and then console. The best players play quick and when my friends are on or I find a squad like that, it's great. But far too many times I'm paired up with marine wannabes and it's annoying. When you play bots, people are more inclined to move more and the bots are quite capable of ending you extremely quickly if you make mistakes

  22. Redditors in general are terrible in competitive environments, they have horrendous social skills and fragile mental states. They are all about participation trophies and detracting from anyone who is better than them, as they pretend that everyone is equal and all should have equal outcomes. This is why they love to play bots or single player games instead of competitive PvP, it’s so they can maintain the house of cards they’ve built in their heads.

  23. I play pvp pretty much exclusively, and one day I decided to try checkpoint. “This’ll be fun. It’s different from pvp, so it’ll be a challenge” I thought. But no. I chose gunner and went 202-3 on my first round. It was fun at first for me, but getting big numbers on my screen didn’t feel rewarding when it’s just a computer. I will say that hardcore can be fun sometimes if im bored, but it kinda got ruined for me because the people take it too seriously. I was shooting down a hallway, and my teammate walked into my stream of bullets, died, and then went on a killing spree on respawn. Idk maybe I just had bad experiences, but pvp just feels so much more rewarding to me

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