Its not what it seems like

  1. While waiting for some friends to meet me for a popular hike I witnessed a woman in workout gear and her casually dressed companion park and walk to the trailhead, which I thought nothing of. The woman smeared a bit of mud on her leg, which I thought was a bit odd. Then she trotted a ways down the trail while the guy stayed behind. He then starts recording or snapping pictures or whatever the fuck while the lady is pantomiming running back up the trail. She did this a few more times, presumably to get different angles? And then they left.

  2. I went to a beach in Northern Oregon a few weeks ago and got to see a "spontaneous" beach run/laugh/hair flip video being recorded like 10 times. Probably more before I saw her but it made me laugh.

  3. I don't get it. Don't they feel like such fakes? I would feel like crap all the time. Reasons I don't have social media beyond Reddit.

  4. This reminds me of when I was working a music festival and saw this very cool looking group walk in find a cool wall right by the entrance and take turns snapping pics and posing. They didn't eat anything, drink anything, or even approach a stage, and left in under an hour.

  5. A few days ago, my parents and I were at the restaurant in Split (Croatia). In front of us there was a four stars hotel, with lights and a red carpet. Few people were taking picture in front of it but then came a couple wearing all white and very well dress. They asked a couple wearing basic clothes (important for later) to take picture and video of them. They were climbing the stairs a few time, coming from the entrance of the hotel and coming down the stairs in front of their camera but they tried to make it seems like they didn't acknowledge it. They came down the stairs at least 5 times (maybe the video wasn't good enough). They thanked the couple (we thought they were friend) but then this couple actually enters in the hotel and the pair of "influencer" never enter in it and continue walking in town.

  6. One time I was hiking on the high line trail in Glacier National Park, and I passed some person wearing clubwear consisting of short shorts, crop top and 4inch latex boots. Their friends were taking pictures as they posed provocatively. I'm like is it worth an ankle?? Who wants this content!

  7. Back when everyone was playing Pokemon Go, I was circling a trail with a couple of stops and a gym, playing as I walked my dogs. I saw a girl in full Pokemon cosplay and her photoslave come out, take a bunch of pictures next to the trailhead so it looked like she was in the woods? and then leave. It was so strange. Full cosplay, crouching where my dogs had been pissing, didn't even spin at the pokestop.

  8. Someone very close to me lost their essence due to media exposition. They think they’re some kind of celebrity and start doing things for the wrong motivation, which makes their lives empty and meaningless. It’s all about living to fulfill others’ expectations.

  9. It is. Their lives revolve around social media and getting affirmation. It’s sad to see and makes one wonder what they could have accomplished if they channeled that energy into something else. These days it also includes Twitch.

  10. I used to work for an airline (thanks covid) and this was unfortunately pretty common. Once I had a passenger that asked to preboard because of her bad anxiety and I said yes but when I went to check on board to see if we were good to continue boarding after the preboards the same passenger asked me to take a photo for her in first class (she was economy). I was super annoyed she lied to me to board first so she could get a photo. I wish I could’ve cussed her out. These people have no shame.

  11. If airlines were smart, they would set up a fake 1st class seat and charge people $50, or whatever, to take pictures in it, complete with fake food and cocktails.

  12. If you were still working as a gate agent, I'd suggest telling a flight attendant what happened. It forewarns them to watch out for any weird shit they try to pull again, and if you pick the flight attendant to tell properly, you might deliver the karmic revenge down the line.

  13. when someone asks me to take photos i like to press the capture button as fast as possible and even have a little chat while continuing then leave them with 100 random photos and a polite smile

  14. In combo with what appears to be photoshop on the right hip, this is just sad and desperate. I wonder what the people in the upper class thought of her randomly coming up and snapping photos.

  15. Lmaoooo why are people so thirsty. There’s nothing wrong with being in economy. No one cares. And you look like a clown if someone on the plane actually happens to know who you are and sees you

  16. Plus flying economy saves you a fuck ton of money that you can spend on things that actually matter.

  17. Time is a funny thing but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this post before Covid. I could be wrong though.

  18. It doesn't take much to appear rich. Bali seems to be the new mecca for Instagram arseholes. I've slept in a few 6 bed hostel dorms beside influencers who's pages make it look like they are living in villas. The whole Instagram travel world is fake.

  19. No clue when this was taken, but it would be hilarious if the FAA found out and she got banned and fined. It's a federal regulation still.

  20. Their followers. If enough people believe that you're cool, rich and famous, you can make money from companies that want you to advertise to your fans. This can also lead to other career moves like starting your own company (eg. a clothing brand). Faking it till they make it basically.

  21. This reminds me of that one time the the taxi driver that drove me to the resort I was visiting decided to go in the lobby and do a full on photoshoot as if she was staying.

  22. For several years I worked as a nanny for an extremely wealthy family. We used to fly private all the time. Wish I knew, I would have taken selfies and mine would have been authentic 😂

  23. Funny, but then you’d get shit on for bragging about flying private while being the “help” if you got ousted.

  24. Why the fuck did I have to scroll down through 80% of all the comments to find only a single comment about op’s awful repost

  25. I worked in a high end expensive club in Dubai and we had alot of influencers coming in to take pictures and head out immediately because they refuse to pay entry or the minimum spend tables. It was quite entertaining to watch

  26. Am I the only one who really loathes those super bulky sweatpants? I just can't help but think they are the fugliest things ever. I could get wearing them in the gym or at home, but posting pics in them on Instagram?? Whyyyyy???

  27. Yeah. I bet she’ll be real upset that people on Reddit are laughing at her after she pays for another holiday by posting photos on Instagram.

  28. Why are people so against influencers and want them exposed but no one gives a fuck about teen vogue shopping a kid

  29. Why are people freaking out about this like it's something new? You ever seen a rap video? How they all try to show how rich and successful they are with the moneys and the cool cars. It's been like that forever — you need to show 'success' to attract people who want that, too.

  30. Quotes seem to have lost all meaning. She literally returned to her seat in economy. There is no paraphrasing or lingo to this.

  31. Problem is she IS rich. Dont really understand why she would do that but meh those people have their own logic

  32. How could people like this sleep at night knowing nothing about them is authentically them?! You should be aiming to love and be loved, not looked at and passed over.

  33. Well, I've seen this happening in front of me too. Few months back. And there are many MANY more such instances i have started to notice now.

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