Not working

  1. Im using a clone app of Instagram through a third party app and its working but the original isn't working

  2. Same problem now. Yesterday I decided to clear data and cache from the setting and now it just shows white screen. Before that never had a problem with IG.

  3. Apparently this exact same thing is happening to a bunch of ppl (including me). I couldn't find a solution as well, but in the meantime, i'd suggest using the lite version, hopefully they'll fix It soon

  4. I sign into my instagram account and it tells me to write the 6 digit 2fa code from the authenticator app or duo mobile and I write the 6 digit code from the authenticator app that's connected to my account and it tells me "Error please check the secruity code and try again"and I don't have backup codes I didn't screenshot them when i created the account. Please someone help me I can't login into my account it's been 6 months and i still can't login, and I don't want to make a new account i want this one. Please someone help me it will be much appreciated

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