Call Captain Ahab. Seen on (lovely) SR826, Hialeah, FL.

  1. Also migh want to let him know the first guy owned Black folks. And instead of giving them freedom, he gave them to his wife when he died.

  2. Republicans really love arguing how progressive the "Republican" party is, and how racist the "Democrat" party is. Without any nuance or discussion on how parties have evolved over time.

  3. I don't get the connection here...Washington, Franklin like founding fathers okay? Though Franklin wasn't president? Then Lincoln Roosevelt...2 famous Presidents who had some pretty liberal actions (emancipation, conservation)... then just hard right turn to Reagan Trump populism? And none of them are black?

  4. My neighbors on one side have the last name of Black and they supported Trump in the last two elections.

  5. When the "Blacks for Trump" guys were getting big and getting pushed to the prime seats behind Trump at rallies, one of my FB Qanon friends posted about them with the "content of their character" MLK quote. Had to direct him to actually go to their website they advertise on their shirts to explain their character was racism.

  6. Hate to break this to you, but Franklin wasn't ever a president. Also Washington owned slaves. Also Roosevelt was anti-corruption, something Reagan and trump especially would hate.

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