Gentlemen. I will now announce Indiana 2.

  1. Originally from Indiana, living in Illinois. Do they call former Michigan residents "Michigrants" in Indiana like they do in Illinois?

  2. Honestly it's hard to tell because I've met a number of immigrants that know American geography better than a lot of natural born citizens.

  3. That's just part of a new rewards program set up by the Michigan cannabis industry. For every million dollars Hoosiers spend, we get a free t-shirt

  4. As a Michigander I’m cringing. Indiana is the most “southern” of the midwestern states. You still can’t buy alcohol until after 12 on Sundays there 😂

  5. It's only been in the last ten years they could even buy liquor on Sundays. When I first moved here I was flabbergasted.

  6. I’m pretty impressed that someone found the shape of the only non-contiguous US state, yet somehow missed the name.

  7. You'll have to fight Wisconsin for the UP. We lay claim to that already and by all rights it should've been ours.anyway.

  8. I always tell my fiance that: Michigan=North Indiana Ohio=East Indiana Kentucky=South Indiana Illinois=West Indiana Indiana=Indiana She doesn't agree since she's from Ohio.

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