I'm a student and started trading and I'm losing my money and I'm knowing it but unable to stop trading, it's like an addiction, I want to recover my money somehow and I can't digest that I had losses with my savings money which I could have used to buy something that I love, what should I do?

  1. 1st of all, take a break, stop trading, make it difficult for yourself to trade, transfer all ur money from ur demat account to ur bank account, lend that money to someone else like to a family member, a parent or someone whom u can take after a while.

  2. Your first and the only option, trust me ONLY OPTION is to stay the fuck away from the market for now. You'll try to revenge trade and end up losing more. Take a break for 2 weeks and start fresh. Start with just looking at charts and how the market moves. Use a small amount of money to just "test the waters". There's no quick money here. Every green is precious and every red is devastating remember that.

  3. I have been following it strictly for past 1.5 month just cutting your losses fast and i have already become profitable for the past two months i just completed 3 months trading live.

  4. Spend the remaining of your savings on good Books such as Trading in the Zone, The Psychology of Money, The Power of Now, The reminiscences of a stock operator etc and also, try to do trading without any indicator, preferably using very small quantity, i.e. if you trade options trade only one lot with a strict stop loss and if you trade equities trade only 5-10 shares, no more than that and eventually you will figure it out.

  5. Put in mutual fund SIP. Stop trading and do studying for a job. Transfer all your money to your parents till you get a job and ask them for monthly pocket money from it.

  6. I was thinking to do it after some small losses but zerodha not did it and said to use kill switch, but the problem is that in kill switch on second day I reactivate options after deactivate.

  7. Lemme tell you kid, just uninstall the app, nd install it when you start working, don't trade, invest, trading is not for everyone, don't get into the social media trap, they say even I was a failure, never give up, bla bla, sometimes letting go helps you out, you're in a mindset of revenge trading, you can hurt yourself bad

  8. You had a great learning which you will utilise over your life, you didn’t loose much (although might feel like it right now) Write down your learning’s act on it and trade with limited money (as per your risk appetite)

  9. Hi, I guess most of the people have already suggested what you could/should do. You’ve mentioned you’re a student, however I’m unsure at what level of education you’re currently at but I can fairly assume that you might not have a steady source of income yet and if you do, it might not be substantial. Still, you’re a student and that means your mind is still fresh to absorb knowledge. Spend some time to go through each of your trade and match it to what the market was doing at that point. Learn what options and futures actually are, how are they priced each day, what are option Greeks, how candlesticks work, what are supports/resistances and how do you gauge market sentiment.

  10. Losses are very important part ofthe game so don't be overwhelmed by it, but if you are lossing money regularly than you need to research more and improve your game there a lot of free stuff on youtube take your time and go through it will help

  11. Maybe you are not ready for trading yet. Learn, study and research. Make some money from equity first and then when you are confident of your abilities and skills, and the strategies, then only start trading.

  12. I mean you have already learn a hard lesson, if you still want to make money from market start paper trading or 1 share . 2 year is the time people say it takes to get profitable

  13. You can't get this money back for atleast 6-12 good months. If you can invest that kind of time to stock markets then yes it's possible otherwise forget it.

  14. I can help you with trades that I take so you can learn how to do it. I had a loss which I was able to recover so you can do too, don't give up.

  15. ok, I think I should forget about my losses f&o and start investing, its easy to say but I can't control, any advice? f&o segment is activated and when I see calls in telegram then I buy random stock options or index options.

  16. I initially lost 1.5 Lakhs and invested remaining money in equity. After 2 years some equity gave 3x returns and which almost recovered the losses. And then again my dumbass did shit trading and lost 90k now again in investing mode.

  17. You can't recover your money. Take the loss, get beatings from mom/dad, and then stay the fuck away from trading. Then, once you start earning money, start INVESTING.

  18. Calm down I'll tell you 5 steps better u listen : 1)give your account to a closed one and make them to change your password no matter shit they ahouldent give you the password 2) stop chasing losses 3) do paper trading 4) stop taking tips and start believing your hard work 5) if you really want to trade trade with only 1k with a target of making it double in 10 or 12 months that will The best ever lesson

  19. Lemme tell you kid, just uninstall the app, nd install it when you start working, don't trade, invest, trading is not for everyone, don't get into the social media trap, they say even I was a failure, never give up, bla bla, sometimes letting go helps you out, you're in a mindset of revenge trading, you can hurt yourself bad


  21. Believe me that losss is really small, i know my friend lost millions in option trading, don't keep money with you, forget about recovering it, transfer all your money to mom or wife or gf till you don't stop trading.

  22. I also want to do trading but iam confused 🤔 what to do I am just finished my school which career I can choose can any one give some advice.. plz and some career option

  23. This is very common and how most people end up sadly. There is no addiction requirements for fx platforms. Only way to stop is to tell them u r an addict and they have to block you

  24. Also in ur screenshot I can c a BankNifty trade, so please avoid losing ur money, transfer all ur money into ur bank account n then to someone else account for some time. Option trading is very good when u earn 1000 rs in just 2mins from 5000rs investment only, but it's very difficult to watch when u lose 5000rs investment in less than 1 minute too.

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