after 4 years of saving money and of course some help from parents i bought my first gaming laptop!! HP pavillion gaming Ryzen 5 5600h (6C 12T ) RTX 3050 (4GB) 8GB RAM 512gb SSD any suggestions regarding the laptop are welcome!!

  1. he he he i put a book beneath my laptop, this setup is only for show......... xd xd my real setup is different u know elevated and all xd xd anyways thx for the suggestion mate!

  2. Can you suggest a good starter mechanical keyboard? Been looking for 1 and I'm not sure which one is good and reliable but not too expensive at the same time

  3. yes i bought it for both college and gaming purposes! u know this laptop comes with MS office student edition so thats why it was the best choice for me!

  4. glad u asked ,they are piece of decoration i bought from hyderabad street vendors ,very cheap and look very gorgeous i must say!

  5. best of luck mate hope the time comes as fast as it can ! i also waited more than 4 yrs ! i can understand u more than anyone!!!

  6. Ryzen 5 and 8gb ram is not a good combo as in HP they reserves 2gb of ram for vega graphics and you only left with remaining 5gb which sucks.(also you can't change the number through bios as it is locked)

  7. Congrats bro!! I would recommend getting a keyboard as well if you plan to game a good amount on it. I did the mistake of not doing so on my older laptop and the keyboard wore out pretty quickly.

  8. Bought same laptop with 3050ti version 1 month back, it's very nice just remember to turn off processor boost if it gets too hot while gaming. Also check warranty on HP site to see if it matches with your purchasing date. Enjoy

  9. Yea I hv the same one. Bought it in December 2021. It's good for the price point but I recommend buying a cooling pad. I got a problem in the laptop, one fan from the two failed so had to service i but got it covered under warranty.

  10. Remove any anti-virus software installed that is not Windows Defender. McAfee and Norton behave like malware. As long as you don't go to the shady websites and look for singles near you, you should be fine with just Windows Defender.

  11. The most important thing is an external keyboard. Get it asap alongwith some kind of lifting mechanism for the laptop to get proper airflow.

  12. Ok i have an old keyboard i will use that since many comments suggested the same to me, Yes i use lift i use book behind the laptop the picture is just for show Thx for the advice though mate

  13. Run it as cool as possible using under-neath heat fan etc. for its long life. I feel very sad when people like you save money with heart and after 1 year or so when laptop goes out of Warranty, the laptop goes dead and the repair cost 80% cost of laptop itself as its mobo. need to be replaced and can't be repaired as mostly laptop repair shops are not well qualified and they directly suggest for board replacement instead of repair .. Congrats. btw..

  14. Ik everyone has already recommended you to get extra ram but there's more to checking for compatibility than just cl and ram speed. Open command prompt as admin and run the command "wmic partnumber" to check your exact ram and copy the number it displays and google it. Then check if the ram is x8 or x16. If your ram is x16 then buy

  15. Do not forget to clean the laptop by taking the backplate off, watch youtube guides on it and never compromise on thermal paste.

  16. i dont think i will ever open the laptop back as i fear dropping any screws on the mobo and screwing up (pun intended) the whole laptop !

  17. Get a extended 3 year warranty.Laptop isn't designed for gaming except for one laptop asus rog with the separate thermal docker.The battery on it will fail within 1 year or 1.5max and you won't get a replacement for it .Get a extended 3 year warranty immediately

  18. Add another 8gb ram and you'll get the max performance. And keep some gap under your laptop. You may buy a cheap laptop stand or even just use household items under your laptop doesn't matter. Just keep some gap. It will improve your airflow since air inflow is at bottom.

  19. I'm also gonna buy it soon. Just confused between GTX 1650 of this same model and RTX 3050.How much did you pay for it? Will it worth extra money I'm spending on it for 3050? I'm on tight budget. Also my main purpose is coding. Gaming is just average

  20. I brought it in around 70k from offline market, I guess if u wanna game casually and budget is extra tight go with 1650! or else spend a little for future proofing and get the 3050 model! Since u will get a little benefit of DLSS in AAA games!

  21. buy 8gb ram in big billion day sale of amazon, flipkart. can u add in title for how much u bought it for

  22. Make it dual channel 16gb ram and ssd upgrade or you can buy an extra hdd to store your games and big files and external mouse and keyboard

  23. Yeah i got like 50 suggestions for these things i will upgrade the RAM and i have an external 1 TB HDD and mouse and keyboard also! Btw thanks for the suggestions!

  24. My friend works at a service center and he told the main problem with these laptops were the hinges, so I would suggest taking good care of them and buy a controller it increases your gaming experience to a different level, you can never go back to keyboard and mouse expect for some games. Redgear has a very good one at a very good price

  25. But Buy External Keyboard and Mouse to use with it, don't try to Game with Laptop keyboard 👍 Save it. Even expensive laptop keyboards can be damaged while gaming Suggestion

  26. I recommend getting a controller for all third person games. I also recommend you download rain meter and check youtube how to set it up and remove icons from desktop to make your setup look clean AF. Download flo launcher as well so it’s super easy to just search and open stuff instantly.

  27. Ok ok noted Yes i have used rain meter in my friends pc its really great i will surely try that And flo launcher is new lemme research about it And thx for the suggestion btw

  28. It is not necessary to put cooling pad or something, I have the same laptop from the 3 years, & It is still working like a new model, all I can suggest are games, play WITCHER3

  29. Yeah i will get a aluminium laptop stand and that will do the work for me, And thx for the suggestion i will definitely try WITCHER 3

  30. I have been thinking about buying gtx 1650 version as 3050 falls out of my range. May I ask how much did you paid for this one?

  31. Can anyone help me with suggestions for a good laptop in 60 k to 70 k range , i know the basic stuff but I'm not upto date with the latest stuff? Of anyone is interested to help, throw in a pm please.

  32. Anyways i will buy this one Crucial 8GB Single DDR4 3200 MT/S (PC4-25600) CL22 SR X8 Unbuffered SODIMM 260-Pin Memory - CT8G4SFS832A

  33. Oh someone on quora saud its ok to keep it always plugged since it stops after 100% Anyways thx for the suggestion

  34. That's new, But i will need it majorly for college so external monitor kind of doens't fit it Anyways thx for the advice

  35. Good on you, suggest you to add a ram stick with same frequency and cast latency...also disable some hp services like analytics service in services.msc...make it as manual and then disable that one.

  36. Ohk RAM i will add And the second thing lemme do some research then i will try them for sure Thx for the suggestion though!

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